Creative art WORKSHOPS at FORTH ART STUDIO, June/July 2013


Forth Art Studio, 51 George St, Forth
class size limit 6
tea/ coffee provided. Soup and bread for lunch if you want it, or bring you own
Phone 64282675 or 0419282673 No art or drawing skills/ experience necessary. Good drawing skills do however do give more options as to what you can produce but sometimes they can also be a bit restrictive re allowing oneself to work freely. Either way you will be encouraged to work in a way that suits your skills and to find your genre and style.

SILK… SATURDAY 15 JUNE Choose either techniques for beginners, jewellery and cards or paint a panel or scarf. $40 full day (10 am to 3 pm or stay later if you wish). Materials extra from about $5 depending on how large you work and how many items you make.

CREATIVE WATERCOLOUR…SUNDAY 24JUNE Experimental and intense colour. Colourful silhouettes, Bob’s blobs, exturing with glad wrap, spray, blow and spatter . Full day , 10 till 3, $55 includes all materials.

ENCAUSTIC (PAINTING WITH MELTED WAX) …. SATURDAY JULY 6th 10 till 12. $30 includes materials.

Also at DEVONPORT REGIONAL ART GALLERY on JULY 4th, 6pm to 8pm. PAINTING. $18 non-members and $15 members. Materials provided. Ph 64248296 to book. (aimed primarily at beginners).

sky photos

I have been looking through old photos of skies to select some for Saturday’s watercolour workshop.

soft sunset at Leith, Tasmania

soft sunset Leith, Tasmania

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Brush painting

Based on principles of sumi-e at my recent workshop the aim was to encourage participants to make varied brush strokes and create works that were fluid.  I did show some traditional Sumi e strokes but with the limited time of a single day workshop thought “giving permission” to develop their own was valuable… and more creative. Numerous brushes were tried (including the one all loved which I made some 10 years ago from part of a feather… it is brilliant!) and loading of a soft sumi e brush  was demonstrated. The advantage of solid ink stick and grinding stone was experienced. We also played with ink and water on yupo after watching my dvd of freestyle Sumi e from a Japanese master. Looking back we covered a lot in a dayIMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1616

Jane eperimented with working on wood. She had even prepared the surface with different finishes. This is a meditation stool.

Jane eperimented with working on wood. She had even prepared the surface with different finishes. This is a meditation stool.

IMG_1618 IMG_1619

Stephen made some lovely free flowing marks... just beautiful

Stephen made some lovely free flowing marks… just beautiful

IMG_1621 IMG_1622

Caught on camera... and I was holding the brush low as I concentrated

Caught on camera… and I was holding the brush low as I concentrated

we had lots of variations on bamboo... practise needed to perfect ... but these are creatively different

we had lots of variations on bamboo… practise needed to perfect … but these are creatively different

dragonfly and iris Cockroach

using the rake brush can create echidna spikes. Not really Suumi e but all about exploring brushmarks

using the rake brush can create echidna spikes. Not really Suumi e but all about exploring brushmarks

Ink on yupo

Burnie Beach Watercolour workshop

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I can’t believe that it has been over two weeks aince I have posted. I have been “artying” but also the nice weather has lured me into the garden. On Saturday I took a workshop in free style watercolour at Burnie Makers Workshops. It has been a busy month in Burnie with Burnie Shines festivities. For this workshop the primary aim was for participants to lay broad washes without fussing… not an easy task for most as we have been so taught to keep pushing things to make it go right!

Then in the foreground we added some rocks and texture. The feel was to be coast/beach but the location was unimportant. Only a 2.5 hour session so there was a lot to cover. I was particularly impressed with the rocks they created, allowing the colours (we only used 4 or 5) to shine through without churning into mud. The textural effects they created were great.

One of the uploaded pics is a photo of the beach at Burnie. We took a stroll there to absorb the atmosphere and set the mind onto beach mode (though this photo was taken the week before when there was a bit more drama in the sky).

October Workshops

BURNIE SHINES workshops. Drawing and Painting….. Beach Combers Collections. Including using Inktense Pencils. Draw and paint shells, rock, seaweed with tutor Evelyn Antonysen. Sunday October 7th. Book at the Makers Workshop. Also on Saturday September 13th Free flow wet-in-wet watercolour (beach) and Sunday 14th a little bit of Zen doing Sumi E (Chinese brush painting). Learn how to handle a brush with sensitivity to make a wide variety of marks. Grind your own Sumi Ink.

Silk Brooch Workshop at Burnie Makers

I had a wonderful time at Burnie Makers Workshops showing people the magic of painting on silk and patterning with salt. We made our small paintings into brooches…. I do love this workshop [which I have now run a number of times] as it suits all ages and can be taken in a small space.  It shows beautiful art can be made without needing skills in drawing. And everyone gets a wearable art item for themselves or as a special gift. I provide all the gear so all get to use beautiful soft artist quality squirrel hair brushes.

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To book a workshop for adults and/or children for your group/ school/ event please contact me.


A half day silk painting session today but we covered so much. absolutely fantastic results…. so varied. And I could hear all participants sharing what was happening…. “this brush holds more water”, “that was too wet”, “I got that sharp edge because I painted it on after the other was dry”, “paint over that part to make the colour  stronger”…….

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And everyone chose one of their works to put in a brooch….. a stylised decorative fish with gutta outline, a wonderful watermark creating an agate type design, a subtly sensitive watercolour landscape, an outback scene with whimsical tree, a semi landscape in harmonious limited palette using salt technique and a multi-coloured decorative flower design. The materials are the same but the results so varied. Silk painting is wonderfully creative.

Towards the end of the year (after Deloraine Craft Fair) I will run a more advanced workshop with a few other techniques and working on bigger pieces and larger finished items such as a bag, scarves, cushion, tie, shawl……. Expressions of interest and a suggested date welcome (ph 64282675 or 0419282673). Maybe 2 days (full weekend?) $100 for 2 days plus materials on a user pays basis or byo materials. Maximum class size will be 4 due to space limitations at my studio and that required for larger works…. or I can hire Forth Town Hall to cater for a larger group.