Watercolour and Ink workshop… abstracting the landscape… student works

These are some of the works done at a one day workshop in Canberra today. The ladies had not done watercolour before and I was so impressed with what they achieved in this single session. We worked with a limited palette, primarily on Fabriano torchon extra rough paper so they could explore different textures. Some of the textures were created using a palette knife while othere were using traditional watercolour methods such as dry brush.
They responded well to the use of and appreciation of a variety of brush types …. one inch hake, goat hair
a small taklon rigger,
a number 3 squirrel teardrop wash








20140726_152300and a taklon or sablon half inch flat or angle shader

Kids for a Creative Future Project… silk painting

These colourful cards contain silk paintings using the salt technique, done at a small workshop at Eastern Shore Community House, East Devonport, Tasmania today. Lovely people… all co-operative, so involved, very polite …. just loved it. I think it is nice for everyone to go home with a finished product and, as we made badges last time, this time we put the paintings into cards. Most of the children give them to their parents. I just love that parents are so special to them. They are nearly always the first people the youngsters think of when sharing something special. And wouldn’t any parent feel special receiving any of these? ESCH silk workshop Thank you to ESCH for asking me to tutor this session and thank you to TRA for funding this successful project……..Children for a Creative Future.

Watercolour… abstracting the landscape with intense colour

I have been so enjoying my landscape abstractions that I based last night’s watercolour class on this. It is hard to believe we have the same starting point when we do a common activity, using the same stimulus image. This is because I encourage the use of that image only as a “getting started” thing. Once the watercolour starts to be applied participants are told to go with the flow but think about balance, lost and found edges and timing of each stroke. So many things make a difference with watercolour. All these paintings are fresh, not overworked and we were all happy with the strength of the paintings using intense watercolour for impact. This exaggeration of colour adds to the sense of abstraction rather than an appearance close to realism.DSCF4623



watercolour landscape abstraction


There is bound to be something to suit anyone who likes to explore creating…. painting, unusual media, modelling…… CREATIVE ART WORKSHOPS…….. JULY/AUGUST 2013
And for those visiting our lovely state … book into an art workshop. No experience necessary. All materials provided.Come play at Forth Art Studio.

Forth Art Studio, 51 George St, Forth
class size limit 6
tea/ coffee provided. Soup and bread for lunch if you want it, or bring you own lunch.
Phone 64282675 or 0419282673 No art or drawing skills/ experience necessary. Good drawing skills do however do give more options as to what you can produce but sometimes they can also be a bit restrictive re allowing oneself to work freely. Either way you will be encouraged to work in a way that suits your skills and to find your genre and style.

Saturday July 6th. ENCAUSTIC. Try something new …. painting with hot wax. Intriguing. (0ne vacancy only… I could squeeze in one extra if you want to come with a friend). 10 till 12. $30 includes materials.

Thursday July 18th. VERSATILE ACRYLICS. Bring your own image, sketch or idea in your head to work from. I will guide you individually. You will have access to various mediums (modelling compound, iridescent medium, gel medium, mica paste etc) to incorporate if it suits your work. Bring your own support (canvas, mdf, masonite, perspex, paper etc) or I have board, stretched canvas or canvas paper etc even mounted canvas coasters ready to paint….. I also have the canvas and stretcher bars to make your own stretched canvas if you wish. Gesso available to prime surfaces. Paints, mediums, available for use on a user pays basis (professional or student quality). 10am To 3pm. $40. Equipment (eg palette knives and brushes), available to use. Consumables on a user pays basis or bring your own.

Saturday August 3rd.VINTAGE CRAFT…. CREATING FROM BREAD DOUGH .… this is not salt dough which is course and chunky. Bread dough, made well, is fine like porcelain. You can create your own jewellery using “clay” made from white bread and PVA glue (colour may also be added). Find out how and make some jewellery items or small figurines. The craft was developed by entrepreneurial women when, during the war, metals were not available for jewellery making. Polymer clay (which I have if you prefer to use this) has superseded the use of bread dough but sometimes it is nice to go back to vintage crafts using inexpensive, readily available materials. It also has a softer, less manufactured look. 10am till 3pm. $40 includes bread dough. Polymer clay and jewellery findings extra if required.

Saturday August 10th.WATERCOLOUR: Preserving whites. In the morning you will learn at least 7 methods to make sure you have white in your painting. In the afternoon you will choose one or more of these in a completed painting. You will find out all methods are not equally suitable for each subject…. our eyes are sensitive to the differences. You will also learn how to apply masking fluid and avoiding the harsh edge, cut out look than so easily occurs. 10a.m to 3 p.m. $55 includes materials.

See examples of encaustic etc on my blog https://evantart.com/ Click on encaustic in the header.
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Watercolour Workshop Sunday….Tasmania

For those visiting or living in Tasmania
1 vacancy. You will be introduced to vivid watercolours. Simple figures where the paint merges (see Robert Wade’s Bob’s Blobs). Colourful silhouettes where it is about the (contained) flow of colour (as in my Material Girl entry). Texturing with gladwrap… see recent posts….. and use spray, blow and spatter for interesting backgrounds and effects. Start 10 a.m. Full day. Pumpkin soup to warm you for lunch (optional… no extra cost). tea/coffee. $55 ph 64281675 or 0419282673. All materials/equipment provided