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I create with paint

Tasmanian born, award winning Tasmanian artist of primarily the Tasmanian landscape especially of the coast, I paint for what it feels like to be immersed in the beauty of our expansive beaches, waterfalls, mountains, rolling hills, suburban temperate gardens and rural vistas. I capture on canvas, paper, board, silk and glass, our changeable weather and the passage of the 4 seasons, the majesty that is the Tasmanian natural environment.
My artworks have been purchased by art lovers from around the globe and importantly by bushwalkers and park rangers, people who, like me, connect emotionally to our island. My product range is wide, from tiny 10mm paintings using encaustic wax medium, employing a technique unique to me,  that I present as earrings, to large watercolours and acrylics to hang.

Travellers often take home a memory of our island and it may be wearable, like my original fine art, handpainted pendants, bracelets, earrings and silk brooches, or a silk scarf/shawl. Others choose a painting for the home or business, framed, or for ease of transport ready to frame.

Reproductions as cards and prints are also popular. I am best known for watercolour and am represented in that medium by Nolan Gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre. I also paint on silk being a Silk Painter with Burnie Makers’ Workshop. I love working with encaustic wax medium often enabling people to keep a little bit of our island preserved in the wax, be it a shell, a pebble or a fern. A special little Tasmanian treasure to wear are my encaustic wax paintings in Tasmanian Specialty timber settings which I have made for me by local Timber craftspeople. Engraved on the back, this is a unique product that speaks “Tasmania”.

I continue to explore and experiment to make unique products which are available only in Tasmania, created by a Tasmanian, of Tasmania, available only in Tasmania. Purely Tasmanian.

Commission enquiries are welcome and I am happy to work from your photos of our island and its treasures. Studio/gallery visits can be arranged within guidelines enforced at the time. Secure, contactless collection of orders is available or use of Australia Post.