Watercolour “The Race” SOLD
Coloured Pencil “Copper Kettle”
Pastel “Tulips” SOLD
Kiln Fired Glass pendant. SOLD
Sumi Ink Bamboo SOLD
Watercolour Winter SOLD

These are a few mixed examples of my art which is very diverse. Size wise miniatures to murals. Media include Sumi ink, watercolour, pastel. pencil, acrylics, oils, pigment ink, kiln formed glass, handmade paper, polymer clay, encaustic art, Inktense pencil, coloured pencil and anything else I can play with.  Subjects range from botanical illustration of garden and native flowers, to traditional landscape and energetic portrayals of waves releasing their energy as they impact  rocks. To buy an artwork or commission one please contact Evelyn via this post, or phone Australia 0419282673



20 comments on “About

  1. Kylie says:

    Great blog site Evelyn.
    Would be great to set one up for WAS.
    Your work looks beautiful.

    • evantart says:

      Thanks Kylie. Easy to do. Biggest difficulty is remembering and finding time to upload new images. Have had 2 exhibitions since one shown but did not get photos on blog. Still better than having nothing. Have had some good feedback including yours. Thankyou.

  2. Wendy Thiele says:

    Inspiring blog site, Evelyn. Love your philosophy and approach. I’m a textiley person and love your encaustic images – they remind me of some of my fun dyeing exploits!

    • Thanks Wendy for taking the time to give some feedback.
      We had some interesting discussions about art and different philosophies around the subject at Penguin Market today. My visit to Mona during the week was part of the fuel.
      I love textiley stuff…. used to make all my own clothes, enjoy working with silk and hope to extend fabric works in a more creative way. If live to be 2000 I may get to do all I want to try!!!
      If you like talking arty stuff and want a good day out come to Penguin Marrket one Sunday….., good coffee, entertainment, food, a variety of art and handmade crafts, art materials and I must admit some stalls that don’t hold as much appeal to me but do to others. I am in the southern most art room. If you do come please bring some of your art to show me.

  3. islandimages says:

    Some really nice art here Evelyn!

  4. Brooklyn Williams says:

    I love the art pieces !

  5. The one with the little lonely tree is my favorite…
    You know why, it is me 🙂

    • With you Alex…… but sometimes I am a storm! Often I appear to paint a “regular landscape” but it is so much more to me. For example, I can only paint my crashing waves when energetic or a tad angry. A lonely little tree is “just a tree” but it speaks heaps to some of us.

  6. Thankyou Brooklyn… I am truly addicted so it is nice when others like some of what I do

  7. love your wording “Alex”. 🙂

  8. What a wonderful display of creativity from a very talented artist. Love the gallery widget on the right side. Colourful yet somehow serene. I wish you success in whatever you decide to pursue in life.

    • Thank you… my aim in life now is to enjoy my gift of sight as long as still I have it and try to appreciate being alive as almost 50 years of type 1 Diabetes is taking its toll. (a day without health issues would be nice but it ain’t gonna happen). But I have my art… my “refuge”.

      • I can relate. I have RA but I almost never mentioned it online and rarely talk about it in private. I am secretly wishing for a day without pain, just a day. Art and writings are sort of legacy. Something to remember us by when the time comes that we can never be anymore the person we used to be. A way for people to see us other than a patient. Keep the courage and take care.

      • We are on the same wavelength… fortunately immersion in creativity helps most days. My dad had sever RA…… so debilitating… I have an inkling of where you are coming from.

      • Thank you for understanding. My father suffered from the same condition as well and the complications brought by the illness. He died in 1995 at the age of 56.

      • You probably don’t get as much understanding as you should from many people because the familiar Osteo arthritis is the one people know and they think RA is the same. There is the assumption then that it is a bit of pain and stiffness and that is it, but RA is an autoimmune condition so it is so much more than joints wearing over time (although that too is difficult for the sufferer). Like most autoimmune conditions it has coming with it with it tiredness, often irritability (about which many are so judgemental) and associated damage to organs over time. 56 gives too short a life. I do hope you get a longer shot at it. I am 59… original life expectancy 43. New calculation with better insulin, blood glucose monitor etc is 61. I believe we people with chronic health issues have a constant awareness of the value of life that some do not develop as readily. You take care too. I am always happy to chat… especially with those who understand what a difference such things make to life. you may email if preferred to evelyn_antonysen@hotmail.com but better put a subject such that I know it is you. I won’t open what my Apple Mac tells me is unsafe.

  9. Robin says:

    You have a lovely site. My grandfather used to paint with watercolors and with watercolors with ink. I have some of his art hanging in my home.

    • Thank you for the comment, Robin, and for visiting my site. Your grandfather would be happy that his paintings are kept and loved. Watercolour is not an easy medium, the inclusion of ink can add a bit of “oomph”, but the moving of paint in water across an absorbent surface is almost mesmerising

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