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Burnie Beach Watercolour workshop

[slideshow]I can’t believe that it has been over two weeks aince I have posted. I have been “artying” but also the nice weather has lured me into the garden. On Saturday I took a workshop in free style watercolour at Burnie Makers Workshops. It has been a busy month in Burnie with Burnie Shines festivities. For this workshop the primary aim was for participants to lay broad washes without fussing… not an easy task for most as we have been so taught to keep pushing things to make it go right!

Then in the foreground we added some rocks and texture. The feel was to be coast/beach but the location was unimportant. Only a 2.5 hour session so there was a lot to cover. I was particularly impressed with the rocks they created, allowing the colours (we only used 4 or 5) to shine through without churning into mud. The textural effects they created were great.

One of the uploaded pics is a photo of the beach at Burnie. We took a stroll there to absorb the atmosphere and set the mind onto beach mode (though this photo was taken the week before when there was a bit more drama in the sky).