Serendipity… encaustic painting

Every year Tasmanian Regional Arts has a themed competition open to female artists. This year’s theme was Serendipity (entry was in 2016 for the 2017 exhibition). I am proud that for the fourth year in a row I am one of the finalists with a work titled “Les Femmes”. Accompaning the work is an artist’s statement, addressing the theme.

Les Femmes 2016 Encaustic $230

Les Femmes

“SERENDIPITY”. My favourite word.

In my art serendipity is perennially evident…. the flow of wet in wet watercolour, spattering, spraying and working in partnership with the medium to see what evolves. Fluidity and serendipity…. they go hand in hand in much of my creative, non-illustrative, art. With my students I also encourage them to be brave, go with the flow and enjoy the serendipity of some styles of art.

I have worked with encaustic waxes with the little craft iron in craft work for a few years but this year went to a workshop in NSW to do larger works on board with encaustic medium brushed on and using a flame (heat gun), incorporating oils, and even setting fire to shellac on the surface. “Art-alchemy” and what wonderful fluidity and serendipity as forms emerge out of the coloured, molten surface. A degree of control, decision making about scraping back and other approaches but enjoying the serendipitous nature of this new medium.

In this work, “Les Femmes”, female forms emerged….. …….2016, an exciting new, fluid medium, suggestion of female, and the theme of Material Girl….. serendipity indeed!!!!

Post Script…. unfortunately TRA will cease due to cut in government funding. Sad for the art world of our tiny island state.

An Encaustic start to 2015…. Encaustic painting in Jewellery settings

My first artworks for the transition from 2014 to 2015 are these miniature encaustic paintings presented in little “frames” that you can wear. I love doing this with my art. Although I have done murals and enjoy doing works of all sizes I have always had a special love for the little. And as our walls are full, and modern design declares minimalism is the way to go,  I am excited to be presenting my paintings as wearable art. No reproductions here. Each is a unique painting….. encaustic (pigmented wax), manipulated in its molten state, to form an interesting composition often suggestive (intentionally) of flowers from my garden….. iris, poppies, tulips….. And they are affordable (bracelets $33 includes postage in Australia, or I will pay half of postage overseas (customer pays the other half. At the rate these have sold they won’t hang around in my studio for long so let me know if you want and green red tulip bangle JPG tulip pendant 30mm encaustic bangle trio abstracted sea and flower patchwork garden patchwork bangle is lead and nickel free and is adjustable from small to medium/largish. The cover is a glass cabochon attached with E600 adhesive. The image is an original impressionist style painting using artist’s quality pigmented wax. Care instructions…… clean/polish glass with a soft cloth. Do not leave the artwork directly in front of a heater which is on high or on the dashboard of a car in summer unless you want to modify the image! Normal hot temperatures are OK… if your body can stand the heat, the artwork can too.

I just love the vibrant colours, and the 3D effects with various depths of the wax layers. Tuition in encaustic art is available. Look at my TUITION page, or contact me with your request.<a href=””>New</a&gt;

Encaustic paintings as wearable art… encaustic art bracelet

I am currently loving doing these miniature paintings with pigmented wax… encaustic art… and putting them in jewellery settings. I guess the buying public like them too as they are selling well.

I often use the more transparent wax and build up layers so the colours glow. They look so 3D… well I suppose they are in a fashion as the wax has depth. This is an example of a floral one, but some suggest landscape and yet others are abstract… relying on the colour and unique textures that caan be obtained for their appeal. The soft wax painting is protected by glass.

I am always experimenting and inventing new artworks and these are my current fav. It is another style where absolute control is not possible…. and indeed,

encaustic bangle $33

encaustic bangle $33

for me, not desirable as that would ruin the excitement I feel as I create each new piece and wonder what will evolve. (They retail for $33, and there will NEVER be 2 the same)

I love orange

I have never thought of myself as a big fan of orange. Is it a new post-cataract surgery colour vision thing?. Is it the hot weather making me subconsciously feel I have to paint the heat? I really don’t know but these are two recent small works on canvas.

“Industrial” is true mixed media… I almost threw everything at it. Starting with acrylic, partly applied with a palette knife  in impasto style with texture media and some mica paste, I then used encaustic and a few spots of gold leaf. I love the textures… some flat, thin passages, others thick and luscious with the richness of pigmented beeswax.

“Global warming?” is a luminous acrylic where I have experimented with new ways of applying the paint using, in part, crackle medium which did not work the way it should. That was great as I love the way the surface is subtly broken in places. I would love to repeat this in a larger work but I think it is truly a one-off as I don’t know if the same “mistakes” will happen again!!! It possibly works better smaller anyway as small encourages the viewer to look more closely at that textural surface.


Tomorrow at Penguin Market in my little artspace (near the plant nursery) I will demonstrate encaustic art…. FREE DEMONSTRATION. I will also have for sale encaustic supplies including a full starter kit (iron, heat stylus, paper, waxes and instruction book) for $160. Or you can have a go …. all materials supplied….. and make you own encaustic art card for a small fee in under 5 minutes.