Watercolour and Ink workshop… abstracting the landscape… student works

These are some of the works done at a one day workshop in Canberra today. The ladies had not done watercolour before and I was so impressed with what they achieved in this single session. We worked with a limited palette, primarily on Fabriano torchon extra rough paper so they could explore different textures. Some of the textures were created using a palette knife while othere were using traditional watercolour methods such as dry brush.
They responded well to the use of and appreciation of a variety of brush types …. one inch hake, goat hair
a small taklon rigger,
a number 3 squirrel teardrop wash








20140726_152300and a taklon or sablon half inch flat or angle shader

Geology inspiring art

What inspires your art?
Studying to be a Maths and Science teacher at Uni I loved Geology (well I loved it all actually). Now, as an artist, I often think about how much art was within the geology I studied. Drawing crystal shapes with their faces represented in 3D, recording layers of strata, using symbols in geological mapping, looking at relative grain size…….. This work is based on my experiences with geology, although not of the scientific accuracy.

Geology and art Watercolour and Ink Sheffield, Tasmania

Geology and art
Watercolour and Ink
Sheffield, Tasmania

It also demonstrates the “magic’ of watercolour for suggesting texture. It was recently awarded an encouragement award. I have thoughts to share with you on that term “encouragement award” and will post later on that.

Limited palette watercolour… landscape impression

This is a demo painting from today’s class, using quinacridone gold and Paynes grey (W&N) and Burnt Sienna (Maimeri) with a weak glaze of cyan (Maimeri) over the sky when the paint was dry. A bit of ink work with a palette knife and rigger brush on the dried painting to get the final contrast for “oomph”. My signature twiggy dead branches which are in windswept areas here. If you try it, do keep some whites with dry brush technique. Paper choice is important… soft and textured. I chose Langton 300gsm roughTwiggy