Encaustic painting of the coast…. passions meld

A bird's eye view

My most frequented subject for my art over many years has been the coast.

I love living on the coast. I can sit and watch the waves roll in for hours. I have painted many other subjects…. recently geological inspired works, but even that was often rocks along our coastline.

My most recent painting medium is encaustic. I love the fluidity of molten wax, I love the fluidity of the ocean. Combined…. encaustic painting with the coast as the inspiration is, for me, a “match made in heaven”.

This work has now SOLD

Encaustic paintings

I have been thoroughly enjoying exploring encaustic art both in teaching the basics to others, experimenting more myself and attending a workshop with a fabulous encaustic artist, Mo Godbeer. So much to discover…. more pics to come

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Tarkine Coast, Tasmanian Wilderness, photos

Over Easter I will be joining a group of artists on a special visit to the Tarkine Wilderness of the West Coast of Tasmania. The aim of the expedition is to promote the importance of keeping this unique area as it is for future generations. There is so much natural history here and evidence of the original inhabitants…. the Tasmanian aboriginal people. Such an inspiring place…. wild and rugged, lashed by the roaring forties…. waves that have not touched land since South America. Truly invigorating.
We visited today as a precursor to the Easter trip. here is a little taster…. though today I did not paint as it started to rain, but the photography was fun. DSCF6997











One Word Photo Challenge: Indigo

Jennifer’s new challenge, Indigo, is a bit trickier that the previous one, Persimmon. I cannot find the image I really wanted to upload but I think these will fit the bill. I hope you enjoy viewing tham as much as I enjoyed taking them

Pelican pair

Pelican pair

leaving Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania

leaving Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania

catching early morning light

catching early morning light

"blood red rocks", indigo blue sea, and a 'scribble" of white

“blood red rocks”, indigo blue sea, and a ‘scribble” of white

As the sun sets, west Ulverstone, TASABNIA

Last light, West Ulverstone, Tasmania

Last light, West Ulverstone, Tasmania

Bakers Beach painting finished and West Point, Burnie “whipped” sea

Following on from the previous post, the She Oak has been added to my Bakers Beach acrylic on stretched canvas. You can see what I mean about this twiggy windswept coastal vegetation contrasting with soft clouds and the sweep of the sand and water. The colour contrast with the sky is also appealed to me and was a reason for taking the reference photo at that spot.

She Oak, Bakers Beach, Tasmania Acrylic on canvas

She Oak, Bakers Beach, Tasmania
Acrylic on canvas

This second work is an acrylic on “canvas paper” which was a demonstration for last night’s art class. My ladies deviated from watercolour to try their hand at acrylics and did a great job. My reference for this was a photo of West Point in Burnie, just behind the Makers Workshop. Last time I was there the weather was rather stormy and incredibly windy with the sea surging energetically. The lure of the subtle colour of the late afternoon sky to the west drew me out with my camera. I may still touch this up a bit but am not quite sure as working quickly often captures the vitality of such moments better than a carefully rendered and laboured work.
"Whipped Sea" West Point, Burnie, Tasmania Acrylic on canvas paper

“Whipped Sea” West Point, Burnie, Tasmania
Acrylic on canvas paper


“Touch” is the title of my exhibition at Wonders of Wynyard in September. I will hang the works on Sunday 2nd, and the exhibition will conclude on Sunday 30th.

About the exhibition…….  TOUCH… tactile experiences, textures,  “touching”  emotional experiences, keeping in touch…….  there are many ways the term touch can be explored. What started as a look at creating textures in my paintings has grown into a wider exploration of “Touch”.

You are invited to the LAUNCH on SATURDAY 8th September at 2.30  

Shown here are two of the works to be hung. The wave uses mixed media including collage to build up the range of textures experienced in rugged coastal areas. The semi abstracted landscape was painted in watercolour technique including the use of salt on beautiful, soft silk. Having done some computer art I strongly feel that the tactile experiences… the touch of the materials including the flow of brushstrokes….. is a critical element in my art experiences.