Serendipity… encaustic painting

Every year Tasmanian Regional Arts has a themed competition open to female artists. This year’s theme was Serendipity (entry was in 2016 for the 2017 exhibition). I am proud that for the fourth year in a row I am one of the finalists with a work titled “Les Femmes”. Accompaning the work is an artist’s statement, addressing the theme.

Les Femmes 2016 Encaustic $230

Les Femmes

“SERENDIPITY”. My favourite word.

In my art serendipity is perennially evident…. the flow of wet in wet watercolour, spattering, spraying and working in partnership with the medium to see what evolves. Fluidity and serendipity…. they go hand in hand in much of my creative, non-illustrative, art. With my students I also encourage them to be brave, go with the flow and enjoy the serendipity of some styles of art.

I have worked with encaustic waxes with the little craft iron in craft work for a few years but this year went to a workshop in NSW to do larger works on board with encaustic medium brushed on and using a flame (heat gun), incorporating oils, and even setting fire to shellac on the surface. “Art-alchemy” and what wonderful fluidity and serendipity as forms emerge out of the coloured, molten surface. A degree of control, decision making about scraping back and other approaches but enjoying the serendipitous nature of this new medium.

In this work, “Les Femmes”, female forms emerged….. …….2016, an exciting new, fluid medium, suggestion of female, and the theme of Material Girl….. serendipity indeed!!!!

Post Script…. unfortunately TRA will cease due to cut in government funding. Sad for the art world of our tiny island state.

Material Girl Tasmania Exhibition 2013

At the end of this post is the link Tasmania’s Material Girl exhibition.
You should look at these works… mine is always at the end anyway as they are listed reverse alphabetically, so to get to it you must scroll past all. If you like my work you can vote for it by clicking like via this link to the 45 works in the Material Girl Exhibition. Such creativity on the theme Dance of Life from some of Tasmania’s women artists. I do wish they had the artists’ statements with each work …. I have added mine. The fabric art did well in the awards this year with Pam Thorne’s creative knitting winning the overall award and Aujke Boonstra’s outfit from recycled fabrics also winning an award. Really getting back to the original idea of Material Girls. A must view on

Dance of life theme: watercolour painting

This year the theme for the Material Girl statewide selected work exhibition is Dance of life. I have been playing with an idea and have completed two watercolours on this. Now to see if my entry makes it through the selection process. I am posting images of both works
My artist statement which is rather personal:
Little bottles of insulin have maintained my life….. enabled the journey. But as my legs no longer dance, I dance with the brush, I dance with paint. My life dance is full of colour from the palette and within.
Materials used…. soft white Langton (Daler Rowney) watercolour paper, 300gsm, rough. Soft Chinese goat hair and squirrel teardrop brushes which “dance” well. intense watercolours.antonysen_evelyn_I am alive 2


Artwork in Material Girl

You may by now be sick of seeing my glass sculpture on my blog but this should be the last time. Just letting you know it has been accepted in this year’s Material Girl Exhibition to open at Moonah Arts Centre on Friday night. It’s a pity I can’t get to that but have to be in my studio  for a workshop on Saty a.m. At least, as my entry was accepted, I know my digdtal image was OK.

If you are in Hobart Friday do go to the opening… it is always a most creative selection of works in Material Girl and the staements relating to the theme… this year “speak to me”… are always varied and interesting. My work, titled    “I will Listen”  has the following artist’s statement addressing the theme

Speaking honestly and openly  is one side of the communication equation. It is completed with the addition of an attentive and sympathetic listener.

The mother and child in this artwork reflect this balance.

Painted simply in Sumi E style with no distractions the whole represents a natural harmony.