Photos from the phone camera… to edit or not to edit? Table Cape, NW Tasmania

It was an overcast day yesterday, with patches of rain and then bits of sunshine peering through. We had been to Stanley, home of The Nut, an iconic volcanic plug. On the way home we drove along the beautiful drive atop Table Cape…. another area of past volcanic activity. The sun lit up the sea and I decided to quickly take some photos with the camera phone (Samsung Galaxy S5, on auto). Very lazy, I know, but still fun and still gets one looking more closely at the beauty that surrounds.

Tonight I decided to play with some of these. I have been noticing that many people’s photos seem to be increasingly edited. The results are crisp and sharp with incredible detail and often saturated colours. As a watercolourist, who loves soft edges, I am in 2 minds about most processing. But I appreciate that most people love a more powerful image and that we all “see differently”. Anyway it is all fun and with editing programs there are an endless array of possibilities. My editing here is fairly subtle. Levels mainly. A warm filter on one, lessening some of the lens flare, and on one I played with Photoshop HDR effect (pseudo HDR I suppose).

Table Cape WestTable Cape West warm filter straight from phone camera autoauto levels copy    View fromTable CapeTable Cape view westIt

Magnificent photography of this beautiful island… TASMANIA

You MUST click the link!!!!!! Discover the world of an amazing young man, Jamie Henderson. (I do not know him personally but discovered his photos on the net… wonderful thing this internet!!!!). If, like me, you are a nature lover, you will be in awe with the beauty. No wonder Tasmania has had so many awards as a top holiday destination.
map of Australia
That’s us, Tasmania, that little bit kicked off the bottom of mainland Australia. (yes, we are actually a state of Australia). There’s New Zealand to the left (East) of us ….. that’s where the Kiwis live. Our west coast is “wild an wooly”, lashed by winds and sea that have not seen land since leaving South America. You will even find “the Edge of the World” there…. but more on that another day. Jamie, photographer extraordinaire, lives on the east coast where the wheather is much more “civilised”. Maybe we will see you here one day.

sky photos

I have been looking through old photos of skies to select some for Saturday’s watercolour workshop.

soft sunset at Leith, Tasmania

soft sunset Leith, Tasmania

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