Jockey and horse…… property entrance artwork

I have worked on some interesting commissions over my years as an artist. This is one of them. The brief was to paint the pre-cut the mtal horse and jockey accurately depicting the markings of the horse and jockey’s silks according to a photo given. The metal cutout was given to me along with good quality enamel paints suitable for the outdoor location of the completed artwork

The Jockey and his horse

The Jockey and his horse

at the property entrance. I enjoyed meeting this challenge and thought what better location to photograph the final artwork than in our garden.

Sign in Sheffield Tasmania, a “commission” artwork

This is the first of some older commissions which I intend to add to my blog, which show a little of the variety I have completed over the past 20 years. The large sign is a donated work for Tasmania Regional Arts Kentish and Sheffield Inc, so I guess it is not really a commission as I was not paid anything, but the materials were provided. I did not paint the excellent text, or TRA logo. That was done by Annie Willock. This sign stands in the car-park at Sheffield with other signs which direct visitors to various attractions. The brief was to make something which reflected Sheffield (hence Mt Roland was included), suggests the nature of an art-space (the paintbrush) and allow for visibility of the text (the light colours and inclusion of mist behind contrasting text). It was also directed that it be “painterly” rather than a graphic design look, thus reflecting the “personality” of the Town of Murals, and to contrast with the commercially printed graphics works. The vertical format and proportion was mandated. I was pleased with the result using mural paints and sealing with an matt varnish for exterior protection. You can view this sign at Sheffield Tasmania, the town of murals and the host town of the annual, internationally acclaimed, Muralfest.
large outdoor sign, acrylic on marine ply