Encaustic painting of the coast…. passions meld

A bird's eye view

My most frequented subject for my art over many years has been the coast.

I love living on the coast. I can sit and watch the waves roll in for hours. I have painted many other subjects…. recently geological inspired works, but even that was often rocks along our coastline.

My most recent painting medium is encaustic. I love the fluidity of molten wax, I love the fluidity of the ocean. Combined…. encaustic painting with the coast as the inspiration is, for me, a “match made in heaven”.

This work has now SOLD


Encaustic paintings

I have been thoroughly enjoying exploring encaustic art both in teaching the basics to others, experimenting more myself and attending a workshop with a fabulous encaustic artist, Mo Godbeer. So much to discover…. more pics to come

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One Word Photo Challenge: Indigo

Jennifer’s new challenge, Indigo, is a bit trickier that the previous one, Persimmon. I cannot find the image I really wanted to upload but I think these will fit the bill. I hope you enjoy viewing tham as much as I enjoyed taking them

Pelican pair

Pelican pair

leaving Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania

leaving Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania

catching early morning light

catching early morning light

"blood red rocks", indigo blue sea, and a 'scribble" of white

“blood red rocks”, indigo blue sea, and a ‘scribble” of white

As the sun sets, west Ulverstone, TASABNIA

Last light, West Ulverstone, Tasmania

Last light, West Ulverstone, Tasmania

SERENITY…. weekly photo challenge… it’s a Zen thing

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.” I have so many photos to choose from which would fit into this category, Serenity,  as I often take my photos for that inner peace of capturing special moment of beauty. Water seems to be ever present in such images… it’s a Zen thing.

Dragon reflections

Oh dear, this art blog is turning into a photography one. There are so many more photo blogs out there than painting ones and many have challenges which I enjoy. I could put out painting challenges (may do) but they take more time to do. Also photography is so accessible to everyone in this digital age. Anyway photography IS an artform… not necessarily snapshot type but carefully composed, discovered images which communicate. Today I am responding to Cee’s Oddball photo challenge.

Reflection of the Dragon

Reflection of the Dragon

This image of mine is real but looks abstract. It seems to be foil wrapping paper but it is actually reflections in the water of the Dragon Resturant at Lakes Entrance in Victoria. With all the lovely views around the “Dragon reflections” took my eye. The light was strong (late afternoon), the angle just right and I happened to be there at that moment. That is what photography is. A few minutes later and the “Dragon magic” had gone.

Goat Island… Penguin Coast Rd, Tasmania

Another commission…. Goat Island, watercolour. This does not need to be done until Christmas but I have been out a couple of times to take resource pictures and the rocks and water inspire me so much I have already done three. No wonder my paintings accumulate… one commission, 3 works done, and months to go! But I do have an exhibition booked for the Gallery at 52 Main in Penguin in March 2014 and my theme will be my favourite…. anything coastal….. so one or more may end up there. I will do some more “moods” …. time of day, weather conditions, tidal positions, maybe even people exploring or the locals (seagulls). It’s the impressionist artist in me.Goat Is Winter

Goat Is evening

Goat Island Echo