Art and Science (published article)

My Friday afternoon art class currently has primarily people who have worked in various Science fields. I too was a maths/Science teacher, so often our conversation turns to discussions related to Science and of course, art. One of the ladies, Caroline Smith, wrote this article for Earth Song. She conveys my thoughts very well….. primarily that observation is the key linking factor but the method of/purpose behind recording those observations changes.

I was so proud that of all the excellent articles with art work in this issue of Earth Song, my painting was chosen for the cover. The bird is painted reasonably accurately (within the limitations of a very rough textured watercolour paper) while the interpretative background is painted freely, incorporating spattering, blowing paint trails and energetic use of a rigger brush.


earth-song-cover-1earth-song-cover-2earth-song-coverDestination Unknown, watercolour with Sumi ink and Chop signature)

Selecting artworks for 2017 calendar…. Tasmania from my Brush

I have been looking over artworks I have done in the post year and selecting 12 (plus one for the cover)  for a 2017 calendar with the theme Tasmania from my Brush. I wanted variety within the cohesion of Tasmania, generally with locations identifiable to some degree.  Then there is consideration of selecting ones that will fit with the format of the calendar (though the silk fire one will have extra space either side, generally I chose landscape format). They also need enough contrast to print well. These are half of the works  I will use.

nelson-bay-evening-tarkinecoastwatercolour Nelson Bay, Tarkine Coast SOLD

quartet-watercolour  Quartet SOLD

tarkine-inferno-silk-painting        Tarkine Inferno SOLD


tesselated-pavement-watercolourTessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck SOLD


the-western-tiers-watercolour The Great Western Tiers SOLD


tors-mt-wellington-watercolour Tors, Mt wellington


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sarah Anne Rocks, Tarkine Coast

Blogging 101, Assignment 2, My name…. EvAntArt

Creative art by Evelyn Antonysen…. what a mouthful. In fact I jokingly said to my husband that I should have married someone with a shorter surname! So if that is too long and too hard to spell, just what do I call my blog? Because this blog is about sharing my art I wanted something that carried the names I use for signing… but not as long as the full Evelyn Antonysen. On miniatures I often shorten this to EvAnt… or even just a line drawing of an ant… You try signing a miniature with a name of 15 characters! I can’t name a blog with a drawing of an ant so I went with EvAnt…. (from EVelynANTonysen)….. then added Art as that is what, as an art addict, this is all about for me. But much of my art is about Tasmania, that is special to me, so that is my tag line (at least I think that is what you call the bit under my name). I did contemplate confessions of an art addict or exploring creativity…. but I could go on for ever with ideas searching for the perfect one. I just wanted to get started. So I settled on a rather boring, I suppose, but very special for me, Fine Art from Tasmania to identify one major recurrent influence…. the fact that I am fortunate to live in (arguably) the most beautiful place on earth.

Think Tasmania… thank you for the article

I live on the most wonderful island…. Tasmania (Australia). A website devoted to show you all why Tasmania is such a great place, is Think Tasmania ( There is a link to the right in my blogroll that you can click on anytime you come to my blog). I am fortunate that Len, an amazingly talented writer, wrote an article on my studio for Think Tasmania. It is to be published in their newsletter this week coming. Thank you too, to Tania for organising this and accepting my studio as a place worthy of inclusion on this amazing site. FOR ART CLASSES look at the TUITION page listed at the top of this page. Sessions for all ages, all abilities, all media. Choose from 2 hour classes at $15 to full day workshops. All materials and equipment provided if needed. If you want aspecific time/medium please phone on 03 64282675or mob 0419282673. No need to commit to more than one session so great doe those on holiday who want to experience creating art in Tasmania.