Art and Science (published article)

My Friday afternoon art class currently has primarily people who have worked in various Science fields. I too was a maths/Science teacher, so often our conversation turns to discussions related to Science and of course, art. One of the ladies, Caroline Smith, wrote this article for Earth Song. She conveys my thoughts very well….. primarily that observation is the key linking factor but the method of/purpose behind recording those observations changes.

I was so proud that of all the excellent articles with art work in this issue of Earth Song, my painting was chosen for the cover. The bird is painted reasonably accurately (within the limitations of a very rough textured watercolour paper) while the interpretative background is painted freely, incorporating spattering, blowing paint trails and energetic use of a rigger brush.


earth-song-cover-1earth-song-cover-2earth-song-coverDestination Unknown, watercolour with Sumi ink and Chop signature)

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