One word photo challenge: Beige

Where better to find “beige” than at the coast. From exposed rocks, to debris patterns and sand, beige is beautiful… gets us to focus on the patterns instead of being distracted by saturated colour. Being a beach/coast lover pruning my beige favourites to just a few was tricky (even now there are really too many), so I only looked at a small selection of my images…. otherwise I may have spent all evening choosing “beige” to share.

Dune shadow…. weekly photo challenge “Shadowed”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”

Dune shadow

Dune shadow

Half light portraits with shadow on the face are  usually so much more artistic than those fully lit. But what about applying this to landscape shots? I am often drawn to the shadows. No, not to hide, but for the patterns they make.  This sand dune is much more interesting with the photo taken late in the day ,with the saw tooth shadow up the beach, than it would be if taken with full light on the dune front.