Poppies near Deloraine Tasmania: Meander Art Exhibition entry

I completed my Opium poppy fields painting in time to deliver last Monday to Launceston Country Club for the agriculture section of the Meandering Exhibition. I wonder if you can pick the changes from my first posting. If so I hope you feel they improve the work. On view and for sale at Launceston Country Club until end February. View about 45 works by Launceston Art Society members. Great variety

Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas

Opium Poppy Fields, Tasmania

Before Deloraine Craft Fair I started this painting of the poppy crops near Deloraine with Quamby Bluff in the background as my entry in the Launceston Art Society Meandering exhibition 2012. I did not think I really had much left to do to finish it but have spent the last two days on it and there is still much to do to pull it together. Lunch and a cuppa then back to work. To deliver Monday… just as well acrylics dry quickly.

A Sea of White

I do love poppies of any type and the pink to mauve to white carpet make this important and valuable agricultural crop a bonus in its aesthetic appeal. A real drawcard for artists, photographers (a breed of artists) and tourists. I have hundreds of poppy photos but will no doubt still feel compelled to take more this summer.

Poppy Painting, Sheffield

Poppies at Sheffield: Acrylic painting 2011

This acrylic painting was deliberately designed to suit the needs of Sheffield Inc to photograph and reproduce as a large display board on which to advertise their promotional spaces which are available to hire. The forground poppies (Papavum Somnifera or Opium poppies) were in flower when I was pondering what to include in the proportions required, in portait format. I wanted a light area on which to overlay their necessary written info in the poster reproduction. I had already painted a misty landscape for the Tas Regional Arts Kentish sign at the same location and the poppy inspiration presented itself at the right time. Other instructions were traditional landscape of Kentish municipality in a painterly style. I was proud when my work was selected from the impressive  artworks submitted. This painting  will be on view at my Exhibition at Launceston Country Club Casino from August 25th to November 20th 2011.