New artworks on silk

I have been busy lately, with commissioned works. Earlier in the week I posted, to the Hilton Hotel gift shop in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 10 of my my handpainted sets….silk scarf with matching brooch which enable the wearer many styling options. Most of the brooches were my preferred landscape impressions but on two I painted images inspired by the colourful fish of the Great Barrier Reef.

the lobby shop Cairns9and10jpg

The Lobby Shop Cairns 1to4 copy

the lobby shop cairns 5to8 copy

Today I also completed another scarf (no brooch) on which I have been working as a sample requested by Griffith University, again in Queensland. The scarves they are considering are to have Queensland native flowers on them and the suggestion was the Waratah on a sample item. Ready to mail tomorrow.

Waratah scarf copy

A third commission completed is a blue wren on silk. What a novel idea from the couple asking for this as a special silk anniversary gift.

blue wren on silk, silk anniversary  copy

Burnie Shines…. Silk fashion and Silk Painting workshops

As part of Burnie Shines annual celebrations in Burnie I have some silk garments in a fashion parade…. Art 2 Wear.
Exciting. One night only. I will post some pics after the event on October 10. Hopefully showing the maodels wearing the garments, if not the items on coathangers (not quite the same).
on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October at Burnie Makers Workshop. Have a go at painting on silk and create a special handmade Christmas gift while enjoying the flow of dyes on silk. If you love colour you will love this.
Click the link for the Sunday workshop details… watercolour technique (put the image in a card or do a slightly larger one to frame.
Busy, busy with Deloraine Craft Fair fast approaching too.

Commissioned artworks ready

Yesterday I posted 12 silk scarves which I painted for the Tasmnanian Society for the Gifted. …. a commission for the committee to wear at their forthcoming state conference. I forgot to photograph all of them but this one gives an idea of the “same but different” scarves… all individually handpainted. What a great way to identify the committee.

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted

And on Saturday I will deliver the painting of Goat Island. Of the three watercolours I did from which the commissioner could select, she chose the one I, and all my students, preferred….. the island appeared closer which made for a more dynamic composition. Goat Island Echo

New works….Great for Mother’s Day Gifts

These works are examples of what can be purchased at the Makers Workshop in Burnie in the next two days. Then some will come back to the studio. A few will replenish stock at On TRAK at the Visitors Centre in Sheffield on Thursday…. and of course you can contact me to order…all easy to post. Each is an original unique artwork, not reproductions/printsDSCF4214









HANDMADE... not just purchased bits glue together

HANDMADE… not just purchased bits glue together


Silk shawls and matching brooches/scarf clip finished

On Thursday I posted two silk shawls to Jennifer in Hobart. All organised online. After heaps of shared messages this is what I completed
Jennifers silk

………..packed and ready to be put in the post pack and sent to their new home.

packaged and ready for posting

And this is my reward (plus payment). A lovely text message the next day……
“Thanks Evelyn. I just received the beautiful shawls. Loved them booth and the brooches too…….” Jennifer

Silk Brooches/ Scarf Clips … handpainted to match scarves

So today was another busy silk painting day. This is currently my favourite art activity. Painting miniature landscapes/realistic to abstracted an silk using a watercolour technique. Using heat fix dyes/paints I aim to match or compliment the colour of the steam fix dyes used when painting the scarves. The large brooch can then be used to hold the scarf in place for a number of different looks or used to enhance a bag, hat, shirt or jacket lapel.

Silk shawl/veil

At the Makers Workshop in Burnie yesterday this lovely young lass tried one my silk shawl on for size. Made from 5 mommie silk they are wonderful for an elegant but not overdone wrap as the weather cools. I wore one recently to my niece”s and new nephew’s recent wedding (Cassie and Brentley Woods). A perfect day but quite hot and I knew it would be too cool for me later. The handpainted silk shawl was the perfect solution. It is light, dressy, colourful, very feminine, does not overheat one in hot weather but provides amazing warmth for its weight as the temperature drops. handpainted silk veil light teal  MG216

cyan shawl
On Friday I sold a lovely “blues” one… primarily warm marine blue tending to purples and midnight blue with a touch of white and cyan creeping in to add life. The lady who purchased it will take it on the cruise she is going on. Mental images of standing on deck with the shawl fluttering and elegant dress for formal dinners and dancing. Perfect but she did not buy the matching handpainted brooch which can attach it in place to your clothing, so she had better hold on or tie it when on deck.