Sony mirrorless camera…. first pics. Melbourne.

high risestreet artcycling in the rainnightlights in rainevening raintram trackswinterjpgtramwinter treeswindowsCollingwoodnight lightsI am across the water from my home state of Tasmania, in Melbourne, Victoria. I treated myself to a new camera….. Sony mirrorless full frame. These are the first pics….. unedited except for a couple of crops. We were lucky to get a bit of rain to try the way it handled colours, lights and reflections. Pretty happy. All hand held with auto settings as I was really keen to snap a few and view on the computer.

Palette Knife painting (workshop… buildings in landscape)

I do so enjoy my times at Meander Valley Arts and am so pleased they asked me to do another workshop on acrylic painting with a palette knife. This  time landscape with buildings following on from the earlier one on flowers. Working with the palette knife is very challenging so some approached it with a bit more flexibility and used brush/sponge/hands/finger tips to blend a little more subtly or add variety in mark making in places. One lady used only brushes which was fine by me. The idea of being out of one’s comfort zone to meet challenges and re-invigorate your work is fine as long as one is not so far out of the comfort zone that it creates undue stress.

Why then use a palette knife? For me it is because of the textures and the vitality and liveliness of the resultant artwork. A bit of unpredictability much like with wet watercolour techniques or encaustic art. This all makes for exciting picture making rather than the primary concern being for a polished finish. PAINTING WITH PALETTE KNIFE

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Palette knife painting: building in a landscape

I will be taking a workshop this Friday April 20 with a wonderful group of friends at Meander Valley arts in Deloraine. Previously we have enjoyed the broad, vibrant application of paint using palette knives to do flowers. Exciting results. This time, continuing with the use of a palette knife which I like to use to add textural effects and to avoid a fiddly look  we will be painting a landscape incorporating buildings. I have enjoyed doing this small sample work in preparation. (Atelier Interactive Acrylics on canvas board).