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Hello, Black dog………………… now Go!

I have not put poetry on my blog before but I wanted to share this, written by a friend, Cindy Bennett, from Sheffield, Tasmania. Cindy is the most amazing lady who has to cope with periods of mental health issues but she is so good with words, she can eloquently  write about her intermittent episodes with the Black Dog.

Hello Black Dog
What are you doing here?
I was enjoying my summer
Thought you were no where near.

Come in if you must old friend
you won’t be staying long.
Come on – into the black cave we go
You are like an annoying song.

Peace and quiet to soothe us
While I hold you in my arms,
We will get through this visit together
Ensure there is no harm.

I will take you for a walk each day
Let you feel the sun,
Can’t stay in a cave for long you know
There is too much to be done!

But for now we rest
until you get the urge to go.
I know you are feeling restless,
Its been a week you know

So it’s kick out time tomorrow –
I told you it would be a short stay.
You can give me dirty looks if you like
But you only have one more day.

We have become old friends Black Dog
We don’t need a long farewell,
Just pack you bags and be on your way
And let us both be being well.
…….just go!