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Gel Plate Printing


February 17, 2024    
1:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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29 Heathcote St, Ulverstone, TAS 7315
29 Heathcote St, Ulverstone, Tasmania, 7315

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Printing using a gel plate

We will explore various ways of printing using a gel plate. (gelli plate). Suitable for all levels of talent and ability. No drawing or brush skills needed. If you have a gel plate please bring it otherwise come to the morning session too if you can and make one. Alternatively borrow mine (I have several).  Also bring or borrow a roller (a hard plastic or rubber one). You will also need to bring:

Acrylic paints (cheap ones will do but the results do vary depending on the viscosity of the paint).

Fabric paints or printing inks for fabric if you want to work on fabric,

Papers or other surfaces such a timber to print on (anything that will accept acrylic paint). Primed or unprimed. Smooth surface is best but textured surfaces are interesting. Why not try re-purposing an old painting or greeting card or even the pages of a discarded book.

Some materials supplied to make sure you explore possibilities and go away with some finished items (eg materials to make a key ring or pendant, a book mark with tassel, a card with envelope, a tiny gift box)

Stencils and mark making tools also supplied but you can also bring your own. Things with a textured surface as you might press into clay work as do some seed heads (poppy seed heads are fantastic). Also look for patterns you like as in textured paper and lace or paper doilies. (not precious ones as the will get paint on them).Avoid sharp edged shapes eg metal, as you do not want to cut or permanently dent the gel plate.

If also coming to the morning session to make a gel plate, you may use the kitchen to store or prepare lunch or visit a local cafe. I have allowed 1 3/4 hours break so our gel plates will set. Some may prefer to start a little earlier  provided I am refreshed and late comers are also welcome as I will primarily work with individuals. The time 1.30 to 6.p.m is when I will be in the studio focusing on participants. Your finish time is flexible to suit your needs. You want about an hour minimum in the 1.30 to 6.30 time frame to make the workshop worthwhile.



Bookings are closed for this event.