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Gel Plate Creativity part 1….. Making a gel plate

Gel Plate Creativity part 1..... Making a gel plate
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What do you do if you can’t afford a gel plate, can’t find one in local store but are too impatient to wait for delivery or want a different size? Make your own of course!!!! Another one of my workshops that will cover not only the process but the Science behind the ingredients used and you have your own gel plate to take home with how to repair instructions should it get damaged.

Materials required gelatine, glycerine, a microwave safe dish or double boiler pot, oil of cloves (if you have some but I will provide this if not as it is very expensive and you only need a drop) and a tray will no marks or scratches or dents. I bought a new silicon cooking tray for the purpose as it is easiest for removing the gel plate (mine is about 12 cm square and 3 cm deep. It needs to be a minimum of 2 cm deep. You also want an acetate sheet the size of the base of your container. Baking paper is probably OK and I have some acetate sheets up to A4 size. The amount of gelatine and glycerine you need depends on the size of your tray and how firm you want the gel plate. My12cm gel plate required about 4 tablespoons of gelatine and 1/2 cup glycerine  You can make a cheaper version by replacing half the glycerine with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (methylated spirits) if preferred. You will learn about the difference in the session.

The plate will not set in the workshop time allocation so you will need to collect it later. If staying on for the afternoon “playtime” you should be able to retrieve and USE it before you leave.

Book in to the afternoon session too for printing fun. Bring your lunch to have on the deck (kitchen facilities available) or pop to the local cafes/shops (10 to 20 min walk or short drive). Afternoon session … attend as you wish between 1.30 and 6.30. I will work with individuals and encourage you to explore the possibilities (reference examples and some materials supplied).


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