Magnificent photography of this beautiful island… TASMANIA

You MUST click the link!!!!!! Discover the world of an amazing young man, Jamie Henderson. (I do not know him personally but discovered his photos on the net… wonderful thing this internet!!!!). If, like me, you are a nature lover, you will be in awe with the beauty. No wonder Tasmania has had so many awards as a top holiday destination.
map of Australia
That’s us, Tasmania, that little bit kicked off the bottom of mainland Australia. (yes, we are actually a state of Australia). There’s New Zealand to the left (East) of us ….. that’s where the Kiwis live. Our west coast is “wild an wooly”, lashed by winds and sea that have not seen land since leaving South America. You will even find “the Edge of the World” there…. but more on that another day. Jamie, photographer extraordinaire, lives on the east coast where the wheather is much more “civilised”. Maybe we will see you here one day.

SERENITY…. weekly photo challenge… it’s a Zen thing

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.” I have so many photos to choose from which would fit into this category, Serenity,  as I often take my photos for that inner peace of capturing special moment of beauty. Water seems to be ever present in such images… it’s a Zen thing.

Autumn photos, Tasmania

A late afternoon drive to Latrobe today to take photos of the colours of Autumn. We are so lucky to live in such a magnificent place. At Bells Parade, Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia.

Aurora Watercolours Perhaps

Today with only one student able to attend class we got talking about how sections of our abstracted landscapes with intense colour (watercolours) remind us of auroras. I commented to her that for sometime I have been contemplating this… only problem is that I have no resource photos of my own. Tonight perusing Twitter this jumped out at me! I do not copy photos per se, so maybe I could use "net" ones (and acknowledge source). Otherwise I can just make something up. That is what happens once I get absorbed in the watercolour "happening" anyway. Will keep you informed.

Sparrow photo edited

So a little time on Photoshop…. which I had not used since getting this Apple Mac as my PS5 was for PC. Now with PS6 for Mac OS for my birthday (thanks Keith), I can start to enjoy playing with my photos again. For this oneI removed the branch using my old faithful clone stamp then lightened a little around the eye area and beak with dodge/burn tool. I did try lightening with levels but of course lost detail in the feathers which I did not like. May do a painting of this little chap as I have been enjoying doing paintings of birds lately. He’s sweet even if just a common garden variety.sparrow

Enjoying Winter Sunshine

The temperature only reached 11 degrees C today but the sunshine was lovely. Late this afternoon a flock of birds decided to “sunbake” on our nectarine tree. With their feathers fluffed they looked much larger than our little summer sparrows. With no leaves on the tree it was easier to focus on one of them but I may edit with Photoshop to remove the branch next to the beak. It was good that the sun was shining from behind me so the eye shows clearly. Often when I photograph birds here they are in a position where they are silhouetted and the eye is not visiblesparrow 2

Fairyland fungi… fly agaric

Yes, these picture book fungi do exist. Here in Tasmania it is autumn and these little characters peep out, especially in pine forested areas. Here I have a typical classic single fly agaric,

a baby hiding under “mum’s” frilly skirt

and a photo where the rim is split and formed interesting little “birds” ready to fly away

sky photos

I have been looking through old photos of skies to select some for Saturday’s watercolour workshop.

soft sunset at Leith, Tasmania

soft sunset Leith, Tasmania

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Brumbys Creek Tasmania

brumbys creek weir

Brumbys Creek

Cressy Poatina RdI went with fellow artist Margaret Coombes for a drive to Norfolk Plains area of northern Tasmania today. We were sourcing images for doing an entry in a forthcoming exhibition of the area. Here are a few photos. Tomorrow I will post a picture of an initial small watercolour from one of the photos. When taking photos to paint from I feel composition is a critical factor although alterations can be made. I do not work in a photo realistic manner.. I like to capture the mood or the salient aspect of the location which encouraged me to take the photo in the first place.