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Burnie Makers Workshop today (and tomorrow)





IMG270I had a lovely day at the Makers today. I thought it would be a bit flat as I was the only artist in. But it was wonderful. Donna let me spread my stuff (oh, I mean art creations) out over the whole area which made it look more “inhabited”. I must admit that it did look better than the usual crowding onto one table. And then there were quite a few people in… a number interested in watching my technique of watercolour style on silk without using any of the flow resistant methods… and my reasons for preferring to work in this (difficult) manner. Good discussions particularly with a fashion lady (French Pony) and a web building whizz (Ian) who gave me lots of hints re online and some young children . Thanks all. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be as rewarding…. remember handmade for Mothers day… if you can’t make your own gift, the next best is to buy unique, one off, handmade item. And I don’t mean merely bits bought on-line and glued together. All my works are handpainted individuals… no reproductions. And especially with the silk it is not possible to repeat a work because of the way I prefer to paint.