In its broadest sense watercolour includes liquid acrylics (pigment ink), gouache (an opaque watercolour), sumi ink, watercolour pencils and watercolour crayons. However when I use this variety of media I tend to think of the work as mixed media and reserve the term “watercolour” for transparent watercolour where white is the white of the paper, and a wet/wash  technique is used on some or all of the work. Some botanical works however I will create using a drier process but I consider these watercolour illustrations rather than emotive paintings. Again it is the fluidity and movement of pigment during the creation of the work where a lot of water is employed which I love. It is a Zen experience and “magic” happens. No work in wet technique can be created to produce the same result again so each work must be unique.

Superb Blue Wren preening

Superb Blue Wren preening. !8x23cm 

Geo-art, Guide Falls

“Geo-art” Guide Falls, Burnie, Tasmania . 36x56cm 

The edge

The Edge. SOLD

Coast Guard (Bittern)

Coast Guard, 26x 36 cm. 



Morning Stroll. (Pelican) SOLD

218″ class=”size-medium wp-image-3010″ /> Cloudy sky, Goat Is[/caption]

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Cradle Mt, Lake Dove with buttongrass

Cradle Mt, Lake Dove with buttongrass. SOLD


Fly Fishing, watercolour A popular recreation in Tasmania

Fly Fishing, watercolour
A popular recreation in Tasmania SOLD

day 4 watercolour card Dahlia painted from life SOLD


Coastal Landscape from the imagination Watercolour and Sumi Ink SOLD

Coastal Landscape from the imagination
Watercolour and Sumi Ink

A Touch of Snow,  SOLD

A Touch of Snow, SOLD

Power, watercolour, SOLD

Power, watercolour, SOLD

Colour my Life, watercolour, SOLD

Colour my Life, watercolour, SOLD

9 comments on “WATERCOLOUR

  1. Kylie Martens says:

    I really like your watercolour of cradle mountain/dove lake. How much is it?

    • Sorry, that one has sold to an overseas buyer, Kylie. Sorry. I am artist in residence at Cradle Mt Wilderness Gallery in the first week of October 2017 and no doubt will do more “Cradles” as a result of that. I will email you. Thank you for the enquiry. It is lovely to know you like it. I have a fridge magnet and a card made of that one and if you get a painting of mine sometime, remind me and I will include one of each as a gift.

  2. Kylie Martens says:

    Oh that’s a shame! It’s really beautiful. I think it will be too late for me to wait for your artist in residence in October. I wanted it for a wedding present for my sister in law who was proposed to on Cradle Mountain. Thanks anyway.

  3. ), also says:

    Wow, what a wonderful place for a proposal and what a special gift idea you had. Very memorable. Would have to snuggle up to each other there presently…. heaps of snow. I do currently have 2 other watercolours of Cradle Mt …. smaller at 27x18cm (half the size of this buttongrass) one a large acrylic on stretched canvas (about 1.5x1m) and an almost completed watercolour the same size as this which will be finished today (coming up to tourist season). I hope the wedding goes well. Thank you for considering my art as a special gift.

  4. I will get the camera out today

  5. Kylie… I will put a new post on my home page with 3 Cradle Mt watercolours for you to consider. 🙂

  6. Kylie Martens says:

    It’s me again! I would like to buy the on entitled ” A whisper of misty cloud (Cradle Mt)”. How much is postage? What is the process for ordering?

  7. Hello “me again”, Kylie. Postage will be $10 (express post and signature on delivery to protect us both and keep track of Aus Post). One thing though, silly me told you the incorrect size……. it’s is a more reasonable 27x 18 (approx)….. a bit under A4. I knew it was about half of the larger work so I halved both measurements… silly for an ex Maths teacher!!!!. If that is OK size wise, you can direct transfer to my account. After the money shows in my account I send the artwork. I do have Pay Pal but have not done that through on line sales. I know I can have an invoice sent though and should be able to work it out. Old style post a cheque takes ages. I will need your address too. email evelyn_antonysen@hotmail.com or here which goes to my email anyway but others can see it. I am out tomorrow but will try to check during the day otherwise it will be evening

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