Commissioned artworks ready

Yesterday I posted 12 silk scarves which I painted for the Tasmnanian Society for the Gifted. …. a commission for the committee to wear at their forthcoming state conference. I forgot to photograph all of them but this one gives an idea of the “same but different” scarves… all individually handpainted. What a great way to identify the committee.

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted

Tasmanian Association for the Gifted

And on Saturday I will deliver the painting of Goat Island. Of the three watercolours I did from which the commissioner could select, she chose the one I, and all my students, preferred….. the island appeared closer which made for a more dynamic composition. Goat Island Echo

sky photos

I have been looking through old photos of skies to select some for Saturday’s watercolour workshop.

soft sunset at Leith, Tasmania

soft sunset Leith, Tasmania

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Paint on Cermaics JUNE school holiday art

Due to requests I decide to run a creative workshop for children in the school holidays. This is also suitable for adults as you will create your own design to paint on a plate or mug (which will be supplied but you may bring your own to make sure you have the size/shape you want). Wonderful for parent/child or grandparent/child shared fun.  Oven cured ceramic paints will be supplied. You will have a great personal artwork. The morning session has only one vacancy. (Image included is of a piece painted by Helena in 1997….. age 9). For info click on the following title.

Paint on Ceramics

latest worlshops and classes

Yesterday I worked on a watercolour of one of my favourite subjects… the energy and movement of the sea as it impacts on rocks… a painting which always makes me feel alive as I do it as I “feel” the movement of the wave and the solidity and strength of the rock. The people present did  not see the finished work as we had several activities going. Theo and Arthur explored Inktense pencils…… both visiting Tassie in motorhomes, the medium is perfect for those on the move. Arthur also discovered the advantage of a solid sumi ink stick and stone…. no spills and it lasts “forever”.  Being a good at drawing, ink and inktense wash suits the style of these men.

Lynne did magnificantly vibrant bookmarks, full of colour. Not having done art before, she bravely explored wet in wwet watercolour with koh-i-noor intense colours.

Sue, an experienced artist, bravely painted the sea wave explosion on Fabriano torchon extra rough paper. She came to learn about the textural effects which can be obtained on the surface. So different to her usual Saunders Waterford paper.

The slide show is of some other students’ works in oil pastel, Inktense (including one on silk) and Watercolour (using the pouring technique for the background). Unfortunately I am usually to busy to remember to phtograph work. at classes and workshops.

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Jan – Feb 2012 Workshops details



TUTOR: Evelyn Antonysen (award winning artist and registered teacher)

51 George St Forth. ph 0364282675. Mob 0419282673


 SATURDAY JANUARY 21.  10a.m  to 4p.m. Working with watercolour and Inktense Pencils.

I will demonstrate working on a bird painting but you may choose a different subject if preferred. Materials provided or bring your own. Inktense available for purchase @ $11 for 6, $22 set 12, $44 set 24, $60 set 36, $120 set 72 (2 weeks notice required to order). Watercolour pencils/crayons prices vary depending on brand. ph 03 64282675. Class full day $35.

FRIDAY JANUARY 27. 10 a.m. to 12 noon Watercolour with a Zen Influence.

Learn to enjoy the freedom of this approach to watercolour. Using soft brushes be free from the restraint of filling in between the lines. A meditative approach to painting. Paint a gentle snowfall scene on Saunders Waterford paper. Tuition $15, Materials if required,  Paper $2 (quarter sheet 300gsm rough), brushes 1″ hake ($4), rigger ($2.50), Chinese calligraphy goat hair $7, W/C paints and gouache supplied on a disposable take home plate $5). All other equipment provided free of charge.


Tuition $30. Materials on a user pays basis. Options: paint a scarf, a panel for a bag or cushion,  or make some silk jewellery or cards. Phone for more details or to discuss needs.


Pure fun but you will be amazed how much you learn from this liberating activity….. colour mixing, paint thickness, pressure variations, when to stop, avoiding “mud”. $20 (materials included).

WEDNESDAY 15 FEBRUARY. 1 to 3 pm.  Working with kiln formed glass.

Make a dichroic glass pendant and a small creative work from tin float glass and kiln fired paints. Work will need collecting  at a later date after firing. Bring safety goggles/glasses and a glass cutter if you have them. Limit 5 people.  $30 includes all materials, firing, pendant finding, etc. You may purchase extra materials and stay longer at no extra charge to  make more if you wish.

See my new (in progress) glass wedsite at

TUESDAY 21st FEBRUARY 10 am to 12 noon 3D WITH POLYMER CLAY and bread dough.

Start by making a fun mouse then progress to jewellery and small figurines. $30 includes your own supply of a variety of colours of polymer clay and some findings. Learn how to make bread dough which dries like porcelain. Revival of an old technique for making feminine jewellery items in times of eonomic hardship.

Workshops Jan, Feb 2012

I am back home, many hundreds of photos later. Loads of inspiration. Wonderful catching up with family and friends. Now busy with commissions (bad luck about Christmas). Spent last night organising New year art sessions. I spaced this lot more (hope it suits Natalia).

 Includes Inktense Pencil (Jan 21), Watercolour with a Zen influence (Jan 27), Silk Painting Feb 3, Finger Painting for Adults 6 Feb, Kiln formed Glass 17 Feb, 3D with Polymer Clay 23 Feb.  For more details see post Dec 24 or ph 03 64282675 or leave a message and I will email you.


Check out my TUITION page for a newly added Thursday session for adults.

JUNE 25th and  26th.  Join my Devonport Adult Education Class (now LINC) to have a go at painting with acrylics…materials, techniques, mediums, methods of application, colour mixing… I have a flexible structure which I will happily modify to suit your needs. I am there to help and guide you… and to have a fun weekend exploring and creating with acrylics. Come and immerse yourself in a wonderful weekend of art with like minded people.

At Sheffield Working Artspace on JULY 23  I will show interested people some techniques for image transfer which can be used in your art,craft or scrapbooking projects. Come and create. Follow my link to Sheffield Working Artspece for info on booking or contact me on 03 64282675.