Geology inspiring art

What inspires your art?
Studying to be a Maths and Science teacher at Uni I loved Geology (well I loved it all actually). Now, as an artist, I often think about how much art was within the geology I studied. Drawing crystal shapes with their faces represented in 3D, recording layers of strata, using symbols in geological mapping, looking at relative grain size…….. This work is based on my experiences with geology, although not of the scientific accuracy.

Geology and art Watercolour and Ink Sheffield, Tasmania

Geology and art
Watercolour and Ink
Sheffield, Tasmania

It also demonstrates the “magic’ of watercolour for suggesting texture. It was recently awarded an encouragement award. I have thoughts to share with you on that term “encouragement award” and will post later on that.

Abstracting the landscape in watercolour

Today I enjoyed abstracting the landscape…… tidal impressions. Using watercolour and a limited palette for each work I used rough papers to suggest various textures such as reflected light in water, fluid passages and sand. These are two of the works… I will add more. The choice of brush varied for different passages as brush selection is critical in obtaining different effects.Some were loosely based on photos while others evolve purely from within. The wintery coastal view beyond the workspace window also influenced the arttidal series

tidal bridge

Goat Island… Penguin Coast Rd, Tasmania

Another commission…. Goat Island, watercolour. This does not need to be done until Christmas but I have been out a couple of times to take resource pictures and the rocks and water inspire me so much I have already done three. No wonder my paintings accumulate… one commission, 3 works done, and months to go! But I do have an exhibition booked for the Gallery at 52 Main in Penguin in March 2014 and my theme will be my favourite…. anything coastal….. so one or more may end up there. I will do some more “moods” …. time of day, weather conditions, tidal positions, maybe even people exploring or the locals (seagulls). It’s the impressionist artist in me.Goat Is Winter

Goat Is evening

Goat Island Echo


This is my entry in the Meandering exhibition, landscape section…. an exhibition at Launceston Country Club of paintings of Meander Valley in Northern Tasmania. This view of Meander Falls with gushing water has the sense of energy for which I was aiming. It is essentially a traditional watercolour using a very wet technique on Fabriano Torchon extra rough paper. The paper is wonderful for creating interesting textural effects due to its unnusual rough surface. Being very soft it is a bit tricky to work on but well worth the effort. Beyond the pure representational in this watercolour, the rock wall symbolises the solid foundations needed to build a strong community while the flowing water represents the dynamicism of change

.  I will conduct a morning workshop on working with this paper on Thursday February 11th at my studio at Forth. Cost $20. Time 10a.m. to 12.30. ph 0419282673