A half day silk painting session today but we covered so much. absolutely fantastic results…. so varied. And I could hear all participants sharing what was happening…. “this brush holds more water”, “that was too wet”, “I got that sharp edge because I painted it on after the other was dry”, “paint over that part to make the colour  stronger”…….

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And everyone chose one of their works to put in a brooch….. a stylised decorative fish with gutta outline, a wonderful watermark creating an agate type design, a subtly sensitive watercolour landscape, an outback scene with whimsical tree, a semi landscape in harmonious limited palette using salt technique and a multi-coloured decorative flower design. The materials are the same but the results so varied. Silk painting is wonderfully creative.

Towards the end of the year (after Deloraine Craft Fair) I will run a more advanced workshop with a few other techniques and working on bigger pieces and larger finished items such as a bag, scarves, cushion, tie, shawl……. Expressions of interest and a suggested date welcome (ph 64282675 or 0419282673). Maybe 2 days (full weekend?) $100 for 2 days plus materials on a user pays basis or byo materials. Maximum class size will be 4 due to space limitations at my studio and that required for larger works…. or I can hire Forth Town Hall to cater for a larger group.

Silk poppy painting… first of three

My  favourite flower painting subject  ….. poppies on silk. this is the first of a triptych for Maureen. (image size 70 by 50 cm). To be framed.  Serti technique for main flowers with watercolour technique for background flowers/garden. 10 mommie Habutai silk, iron fixed silk paints/dyes.

New silk artworks

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With the Makers Workshops in Burnie promoting me as a watercolourist specializing in silk painting I have been focusing my efforts lately on more silk works. Here is a sample…. a tie with geometric design of flat areas of colour contrasting with the lovely patterns of the salt technique, silk scarves (always popular) with free flow colour and  floral designs of garden flowers using gutta , matching brooches/scarf rings to hold the scarf in place or wear as a complementary accessory, one only silk pendant of a tiny painting under kiln formed system 96 glass, one large soft lightweight shawl in vibrant autumn tones (sold) and  cards combining encaustic with silk fibres …… more to come.

Abalone shell finished

Today we intended to go on a trip to a favourite area… Tasmania’s Tarkine Coast….but I woke up with a new foot problem so it is art at home instead. At least it gave me a chance to finish Catherine’s Beach Collection painting. This photo was taken in bright sunlight today and looks very differnt to the previous one. The actual painting is probably somewhere between the two. Interestingly paintings selected to hang in exhibitions are increasingly chosen from submitted digital files. Tricky.

I have also done a silk scarf incorporating a few flowers in watercolour technique (no gutta outline and no antidiffusant).