Geological influence in painting

Acrylic on Canvas, Sarah Anne Rocks, Tarkine Coast, Tasmania

Acrylic on Canvas, Sarah Anne Rocks, Tarkine Coast, Tasmania

Geo-artscape, Tarkine of the amazing geology of Sarah Anne Rocks of the Tarkine area, Tasmania’s west coast, is the latest painting from my Easter participation in Tarkine in Motion. The event currently has an incredible selection  of photos on display at the Salerno Gallery in Sydney.
This painting is an acrylic on gallery stretched canvas, using texture media to add to the indication of the sharp edged layers of contorted strata. The lichen crust on these rocks ranges from vivid orange to ochres and greenish white.
This region is exposed to the roaring 40s weather system…. it is wild and raw and a visit is truly invigorating. For artists, scientists and conservationists alike this region is very special.
This artwork captures what I feel from the area.
It is for sale and will be on display at Devonport Regional Art Gallery from Friday 15th May for 3 weeks. Price on request. (size 91cm x 61cm)

WATERCOLOURS …painting atmosphere freestyle

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This style of work contrasts with the drawing of the shells and the drawn gutta outlines of poppies. It is about painting the atmosphere, the feeling of what it is like outdoors in the elements. I particularly like capturing the movement of water… crashing  waves, the misty atmosphere saturated with water droplets and water tumbling over rocks. Perhaps this comes in part from my favorite place as a child (Launceston’s Cataract Gorge….in flood…. wow!) and now living by the coast.

They are also about exploring he beauty of the medium… watercolour… on soft, highly textured papers. The next post will show some small (A4) works on handmade paper from Burnie’s Creative Paper at the Makers Workshop. In October I will be taking some workshops painting beach atmosphere in watercolour at The Makers in Burnie. (also one on Brushwork and Sumi E and one on drawing and painting beach treasures such as shells).