October Workshops

BURNIE SHINES workshops. Drawing and Painting….. Beach Combers Collections. Including using Inktense Pencils. Draw and paint shells, rock, seaweed with tutor Evelyn Antonysen. Sunday October 7th. Book at the Makers Workshop. Also on Saturday September 13th Free flow wet-in-wet watercolour (beach) and Sunday 14th a little bit of Zen doing Sumi E (Chinese brush painting). Learn how to handle a brush with sensitivity to make a wide variety of marks. Grind your own Sumi Ink.

Shells, White on Black

This handmade star book is a project undertaken at my Tuesday evening session. The white on black illustrations are  of broken shells and the internal structure of shells. Spiral patterns are common in nature and I find looking at unusual viewpoints intriuging. The appealing broken peices also address the notion that things (people) perceived as less than visually perfect can be fasinating and beautiful. For the white I started with various pencils… white coloured and pastel pencils in various brands giving varying opacity and Chinagraph giving a dense application. For most images however I used white inks….. Derivan was weak and good for the shadowed ares while the dense white of Magicolor was excellent for highlights. The type of black paper also made a difference as some cheap ones started to release dye into the ink. Overall an interesting exercise.

Shells and Stones

Another of my illustrative style watercolours. Good to keep drawing skills up to date. Different challenge to the free flow beachscapes which I am also currently working on. In many ways easier as more structured and I have a “path” to follow. 

Abalone shell finished

Today we intended to go on a trip to a favourite area… Tasmania’s Tarkine Coast….but I woke up with a new foot problem so it is art at home instead. At least it gave me a chance to finish Catherine’s Beach Collection painting. This photo was taken in bright sunlight today and looks very differnt to the previous one. The actual painting is probably somewhere between the two. Interestingly paintings selected to hang in exhibitions are increasingly chosen from submitted digital files. Tricky.

I have also done a silk scarf incorporating a few flowers in watercolour technique (no gutta outline and no antidiffusant).

Coloured Pencil works…Beach things

Some months ago I posted a half completed image of bull kelp worked in Derwent  Inktense and watercolour pencils. Today I have the finshed work (photographed after framing to go to the Eskleigh art exhibition. This means the photo is not as good as it coud be due to the glass). For the wide bit of kelp in the front I took advantage of the texture of the paper to suggest sand. I did not dissolve the pencil marks much in order to retain the sand look. This contrasted with the main tubular kelp to the left in which I completely dissolved the pigment. The use of Inktense exaggerates the colour and adds to the abstracted quality of this unusual subject.

The second work showcases some of my collection of shells and “invented” rounded beach stones. The colours here are more natural. I love giving the illusion of 3D on a flat 2D paper surface. I have even found myself at times, when packing up, glancing across and going to pick up a shell to find it is an illustration. You will notice that my collection includes many broken shells. I love their internal structure (especially spirals) and the holes. .Perceived imperfections offer the opportunity to find alternative positives (much like with people). I started this work in November 2011 and have just one shell to complete (a small abalone, mother-of-pearl side showing) The work has been sold which makes me a bit more anxious about not mucking up the final shell!

Watercolour bookmarks: shells

           I was working on trying to complete a watercolour and inktense pencil work of beach pebbles and shells while at Penguin Market last Sunday. The work was started at Deloriane Craft Fair (Nov 2011) and is still not quite finished but it’s looking OK. I also did these couple of quick bookmarks… drawing shells and flooding intense watercolour into the background. Relaxing to do!