Silk painting ready to go

Pre the Winter SlumberI have finished and framed my latest silk painting, inspired by the autumn tree outside the studio window. I used a combination of outliner (gutta technique) and watercolour style…… the latter because I like free flow in my works. I must admit, however, that I am tempted to try the Sistek technique as I am impressed with many on the excellent works I have seen on the internet using that method. It means going back to being in control and I have worked hard to allow myself to enjoy a serendipitous approach. Anyway back to this work. It is the last show the tree puts on, full colour “party”, before it sheds the leaves for winter so I have titled the painting Pre the Winter Slumber . Tomorrow Keith (my husband) and I will make the trip to Scottsdale (about 5 hours round trip, plus stops) to a lovely gallery, Scottsdale Art and Framing, to deliver this (along with a couple of other works) for their winter exhibition. Looks like good weather so we will take the cameras.

Silk poppy painting… first of three

My  favourite flower painting subject  ….. poppies on silk. this is the first of a triptych for Maureen. (image size 70 by 50 cm). To be framed.  Serti technique for main flowers with watercolour technique for background flowers/garden. 10 mommie Habutai silk, iron fixed silk paints/dyes.