Digital files of artwork

I re-photographed my glass sculpture (shown in my  previous post) using my DSLR rather than mobile phone  and taking the photo outdoors rather than inside. The image is much different…… almost a different artwork. With many selective art competitions entered  by digital file these days one wonders how legitimate the selection is. My two photos have not been adjusted but even so they are very different. With a bit of permitted tweeking the variations are almost limitless. I know this topic has been brought up before ….. it really is tricky. There are so many pluses to entry by selection from digital images of works as far as ease of entry, transport etc but I do wonder about the credibility of assuring the “best” works are chosen. It seems it is not just about the artwork now it is also about the photograph of the item. One must question how true many are to the reality.

Kiln Formed Glass Sculpture

This free standing sculptural piece incorporates a sumi E style image on kiln formed glass. The brush strokes were painted with water based paints suitable for firing to 850 degrees Celsius. Using a soft chinese goat hair brush, in this style of painting economy of stroke is important. The figures are formed using only sufficient marks to express the posture and relationship between the mother and child.

All materials are found/recycled (except the paint) using tin float, broken glass and a base of driftwood. (height approx 30 cm)