An Encaustic start to 2015…. Encaustic painting in Jewellery settings

My first artworks for the transition from 2014 to 2015 are these miniature encaustic paintings presented in little “frames” that you can wear. I love doing this with my art. Although I have done murals and enjoy doing works of all sizes I have always had a special love for the little. And as our walls are full, and modern design declares minimalism is the way to go,  I am excited to be presenting my paintings as wearable art. No reproductions here. Each is a unique painting….. encaustic (pigmented wax), manipulated in its molten state, to form an interesting composition often suggestive (intentionally) of flowers from my garden….. iris, poppies, tulips….. And they are affordable (bracelets $33 includes postage in Australia, or I will pay half of postage overseas (customer pays the other half. At the rate these have sold they won’t hang around in my studio for long so let me know if you want and green red tulip bangle JPG tulip pendant 30mm encaustic bangle trio abstracted sea and flower patchwork garden patchwork bangle is lead and nickel free and is adjustable from small to medium/largish. The cover is a glass cabochon attached with E600 adhesive. The image is an original impressionist style painting using artist’s quality pigmented wax. Care instructions…… clean/polish glass with a soft cloth. Do not leave the artwork directly in front of a heater which is on high or on the dashboard of a car in summer unless you want to modify the image! Normal hot temperatures are OK… if your body can stand the heat, the artwork can too.

I just love the vibrant colours, and the 3D effects with various depths of the wax layers. Tuition in encaustic art is available. Look at my TUITION page, or contact me with your request.<a href=””>New</a&gt;

Poppies near Deloraine Tasmania: Meander Art Exhibition entry

I completed my Opium poppy fields painting in time to deliver last Monday to Launceston Country Club for the agriculture section of the Meandering Exhibition. I wonder if you can pick the changes from my first posting. If so I hope you feel they improve the work. On view and for sale at Launceston Country Club until end February. View about 45 works by Launceston Art Society members. Great variety

Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas

Silk poppy painting… first of three

My  favourite flower painting subject  ….. poppies on silk. this is the first of a triptych for Maureen. (image size 70 by 50 cm). To be framed.  Serti technique for main flowers with watercolour technique for background flowers/garden. 10 mommie Habutai silk, iron fixed silk paints/dyes.

Poppy Painting, Sheffield

Poppies at Sheffield: Acrylic painting 2011

This acrylic painting was deliberately designed to suit the needs of Sheffield Inc to photograph and reproduce as a large display board on which to advertise their promotional spaces which are available to hire. The forground poppies (Papavum Somnifera or Opium poppies) were in flower when I was pondering what to include in the proportions required, in portait format. I wanted a light area on which to overlay their necessary written info in the poster reproduction. I had already painted a misty landscape for the Tas Regional Arts Kentish sign at the same location and the poppy inspiration presented itself at the right time. Other instructions were traditional landscape of Kentish municipality in a painterly style. I was proud when my work was selected from the impressive  artworks submitted. This painting  will be on view at my Exhibition at Launceston Country Club Casino from August 25th to November 20th 2011.