Material Girl entry …..2014 finalist

I am really pleased that for the third consecutive year my entry in Tasmania’s Material Girl Exhibition has made the finals. This year’s theme is Tall poppies…. late bloomers. I pondered a portrait of “tall poppies’, Mother Moses being a favourite “tall poppy, and very much a “late bloomer”. I love painting poppies, especially on silk, so did contemplate maybe a literal interpretation. Then I thought of doing a very minimalist contemporary style work…. a single (actual) poppy seed glued onto a large canvas (medium: “collage” I suppose). That would be titled simple “Potential”.
After listening to Jane Lamont talk at the launch, where the amazing woman described herself as rather a short, yellow,daisy I started thinking along another line. I love the variety of friends and family in my life, tall poppies or not. I love the variety of flowers in the garden and that they reveal their full glory at different times. So my entry is “Not all tall poppies” the acrylic painted with a palette knife, an image of which I posted about a month ago.

Acrylic on canvas painted with a palette knife.  "Not all Tall Poppies" Material Girl 2014 Finalist

Acrylic on canvas painted with a palette knife.
“Not all Tall Poppies”
Material Girl 2014 Finalist

Accompanying Artist’s Statement
Variety is the “spice of Life”. Genetics, environment, life’s circumstances…. all contribute to what something is and when potential will be maximised.
A world full of only tall poppies would not have the colour, interest and variety of “my” world with all it’s magnificent individuals.

Painting with chocolate: Chocolate Winterfest , Tasmania 2013

I have had many debates with people about the pros and cons of different art media and of course those who know me realize I love all of them. But probably the most unusual, and quiete difficult to work with, is painting with chocolate. Melting the chocolate to a creamy consistency it can be applied most easily with palette knives or fingers. Tomorrow I will be at Latrobe for their annual Chocolate Winterfest. This event has grown every year and includes a huge range of chocolate inspired activities. My painting with chocolate demonstration is just one of them. The pictured work on canvas of The Nut at Chocolate Winterfest 2013Stanley is a practise as you will appreciate that this is not my usual medium so before “performing” in public a little rehearsal quells the nerves a little..