Marbling workshop

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traditional Japanese marbling on Hosho paper<img

barbarasFirst workshop at Forth Art Studio fo 2013 was Marbling…… creating wonderful patterns on water to transfer to paper which can then be used for a variety of purposes. Great fun and so easy once you know how. We worked with a variety of materials and all agreed that the Hosho paper is exceptional in its ability to hold the colour. Liquitex glossies and the Japanese marbling inks worked well on a plain water base. Pigment ink (but not the pearlescent ones)are OK if applied with a brush but tend to sink if applied with a dropper even with extreme care.


Saturday 29th September 1pm to 4pm

at Forth Art Studio, 51 George St, Forth

Cost $45 includes materials.

Floating paints or dyes on a fluid and dragging a feather or comb through creates wonderful patterns. This is the basis of marbling. At a recent bookmaking workshop some participants used paper I had marbled  on the inside covers …. that was the birthplace of this workshop as some want to learn this ancient craft. What paints/dyes to use, what to use as a base so the paint does not sink…. you will learn these things at this workshop and go away  with some marbled paper,  envelopes, writing set, maybe a blown marbled egg, a pencil, box, handkerchief…….