Fun Christmas cards in Watercolour

I wish you all a wonderful end of 2014 …. whether you follow the religious reason for Christmas, enjoy the gift giving and hype, use it as a time to relax or to party, or to catch up with friends and family. there is something there for everyone, so I hope you like my happy little bit of frivolity in these cards which I did to share with FB and blogging friends. Christmas 2014 decorationChristmas card 2014

Silk watercolour; miniature paintings in cards

Back to silk painting today up at Burnie Makers’ workshop. It is winter time, so mists are creeping into my paintings. It is interesting how the weather conditions of the day often unconsciously find their way into my work.

cards... silk watercolours. original paintings. $10 each

cards… silk watercolours. original paintings. $10 each

small watercolours

I do paint miniatures but those works are generally very detailed in the manner preferred by the international societies. The miniatures I submit for competitions are most often in oils, painted meticulously on a smooth surface so lines are not accidentally broken. But the works below are not miniature in that sense (although the silk ones certainly fit within the 100 square cm maximum size permitted under WFM rules). These are small works painted loosely in card format…. 145 by 105mm . I just love doing these … so relaxing and meditative. No drawing up, just free watercolour using soft brushes on paper or silk. Some others I did a few weeks ago have already been purchased by buyers from France, mainland Australia, England and the USA. I wonder where these will end up.
Well I know where the one of Goat Island (second from top on left} will end up. In Germany. It was bought by one of the people from the cruise ship in Burnie on Tuesday, along with a frame, to be given to the ship’s captain. wc caeds 2

flowers wc cards

cards 2wc and 2silk