Art/Craft Fair set up

The craft fair that was…. Deloraine, Tasmania 2013 I was pleased with the look of my stand at the Deloraine Craft Fair this year.The double space is expensive at $1000 but it did give room for visitors to look comfortably and room to display the wide variety of things I do….. painting in so many different media and on different surfaces….. traditional paintings for the wall to wearable art, painted homewares and jewellery each containing an original painting in miniature. The new black shelving worked well though the journey of 40 mins in the trailer saw every screw and nut work loose. These lightweight aluminium shelves gave less of a market table look especially when coupled with the clothes rack, dressmaking model wearing one of my silk garments, the tall standing jewellery display cabinet and the canvas racks for matted watercolours which I have taken for many years. Lighting is still tricky in the venue where I am, especially with power surges….. 3 blown globes this year. A better surge protection board may help. I still find the halogen flood lights best and I use a pair of 500Watt lights for my 7.6 buy 2.3 metre stall. I have tried LED lights but the quality of the light is not as nice for artrworks and I do not find they throw the light as well. I am told they do but I just don’t find them as “friendly”. This year there was no backing hessian so we lined ours with off white calico which was a nice contrast to the black cloths on the tables and it provided an unobtrusive backdrop for the paintings. This was going to be my last fair but I do enjoy being there so who knows …. 6 months to decide before lodgement of the 2014 application.
Handpainted...Evelyn Antonysen art

Freestanding Canvas cradles hold matted  watercolours


Delaraine craft Fair shelving worked well

Silk shawls by Evantart

7.6 m stall … painting allsorts2014 application.

Silk painting..pendants and pins

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    I am gearing up for Deloraine Craft Fair. I really enjoy making the tiny silk painted items. I hope there will be a lot of customers who love them as much as I do. The rectangular pendants are 40 x 24mm. The larger circular ones are 40mm diameter, the smaller circular ones with glass cover are 24mm diameter. The small square glass covered pendants are 24mm and the rectangular pendants are 40 x 24 mm. The oval works are pins.

All are original one off handpainted miniature artworks. I don’t use anything to restrict the flow of the dyes other than a little control with a hairdrier. I feel this way the works are always excitingly different. They are hard to part with but I am glad they give others pleasure. It is so nice to have something unique. With the way I work it is not possible to repeat one even if I wanted to

Tasmanian Craft Fair at Deloraine

Less than a week to go!  Of course I won’t be at Penguin Market on Sunday 5 Nov. The art I demonstrate tomorrow at Penguin Market will be Polymer clay mice and my cocoon jewellery range.Within the next couple of days I will add a slideshow here of some of my new Deloraine works. My stall is in my usual location in the Furmage Pavillion at the Showgrounds, stall 785. I am looking forward to seeing all the friends who drop in to say hello.