Material Girl Tasmania Exhibition 2013

At the end of this post is the link Tasmania’s Material Girl exhibition.
You should look at these works… mine is always at the end anyway as they are listed reverse alphabetically, so to get to it you must scroll past all. If you like my work you can vote for it by clicking like via this link to the 45 works in the Material Girl Exhibition. Such creativity on the theme Dance of Life from some of Tasmania’s women artists. I do wish they had the artists’ statements with each work …. I have added mine. The fabric art did well in the awards this year with Pam Thorne’s creative knitting winning the overall award and Aujke Boonstra’s outfit from recycled fabrics also winning an award. Really getting back to the original idea of Material Girls. A must view on

Dance of life theme: watercolour painting

This year the theme for the Material Girl statewide selected work exhibition is Dance of life. I have been playing with an idea and have completed two watercolours on this. Now to see if my entry makes it through the selection process. I am posting images of both works
My artist statement which is rather personal:
Little bottles of insulin have maintained my life….. enabled the journey. But as my legs no longer dance, I dance with the brush, I dance with paint. My life dance is full of colour from the palette and within.
Materials used…. soft white Langton (Daler Rowney) watercolour paper, 300gsm, rough. Soft Chinese goat hair and squirrel teardrop brushes which “dance” well. intense watercolours.antonysen_evelyn_I am alive 2