Painting Tasmania’s Coastline…. works in progress

On the easels in the studio I am back to a favourite subject… Tasmania’s coastline.
These both been started as demonstrations for students working on canvas. The large Bluff Point one is a scene which I have painted before. I want a painting of this for myself but the 4 I have done so far (oil miniature, larger acrylic on canvas and 2 quarter sheet watercolours have sold…. maybe this one will stay with me…. of course I don’t have to put them out for sale but I do like to share my creations). The source photo is one of my favourites, taken on a day when it had been raining, then the sun shone brilliantly while still the sky was dark to the west. We walked for ages towards the water along a gouged track in the sand. Such contrast of colours and the wonderful fresh air of our “wild west” coast. As I write this I can feel our rugged coastline beckoning again…. instead I will go to the studio and try to capture those intense feelings on canvas.

Bluff Point unfinished

Bluff Point unfinished

The second work is almost complete but will have a she oak (Casurina) on the lhs. I have pencilled this twiggy, wind blown specimen in. Such vegetation is typical of our coastal areas and its many little twigs are a contrast to the sweeping curves of the beach and sand beyond. I was happy with the broken shells and pebbles to the fore…… as I look I can “feel” them under my feet and you do sense they are on a raised area above the sweeping
Bakers Beach Tasmania unfinished... acrylic on canvas

Bakers Beach Tasmania
unfinished… acrylic on canvas

beach. Bakers Beach is a magnificent long stretch near Devonport Tasmania. Part of the State National Park System it is a haven for wildlife (wombats abound and there is a large area for waterbirds). Often there are few if any people on the beach this side of Griffith Point……. you can walk along and sing with the wind and no-one will even know. Love it.

Opium Poppy Fields, Tasmania

Before Deloraine Craft Fair I started this painting of the poppy crops near Deloraine with Quamby Bluff in the background as my entry in the Launceston Art Society Meandering exhibition 2012. I did not think I really had much left to do to finish it but have spent the last two days on it and there is still much to do to pull it together. Lunch and a cuppa then back to work. To deliver Monday… just as well acrylics dry quickly.

A Sea of White

I do love poppies of any type and the pink to mauve to white carpet make this important and valuable agricultural crop a bonus in its aesthetic appeal. A real drawcard for artists, photographers (a breed of artists) and tourists. I have hundreds of poppy photos but will no doubt still feel compelled to take more this summer.

Figures in the landscape…. August workshop


August 18th 10.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m.

Help your landscape paintings tell a story  by including figures. This is not about portrait painting, but painting  believable, simplified figures involved in everyday activities.  Using acrylics and/or watercolours, the principles are the same for all  media.

BYO lunch. Tea/coffee provided.

$45 includes all materials/equipment.

ph Evelyn on  64282675 or mobile    0419282673

Palette Knife painting (workshop… buildings in landscape)

I do so enjoy my times at Meander Valley Arts and am so pleased they asked me to do another workshop on acrylic painting with a palette knife. This  time landscape with buildings following on from the earlier one on flowers. Working with the palette knife is very challenging so some approached it with a bit more flexibility and used brush/sponge/hands/finger tips to blend a little more subtly or add variety in mark making in places. One lady used only brushes which was fine by me. The idea of being out of one’s comfort zone to meet challenges and re-invigorate your work is fine as long as one is not so far out of the comfort zone that it creates undue stress.

Why then use a palette knife? For me it is because of the textures and the vitality and liveliness of the resultant artwork. A bit of unpredictability much like with wet watercolour techniques or encaustic art. This all makes for exciting picture making rather than the primary concern being for a polished finish. PAINTING WITH PALETTE KNIFE

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Finger Painting for Adults

Why let the kids have all the fun. This is a great way to loosen up with your art… for ALL levels of artists, ALL ages. It really shows if you can be free or find that hard and try to control. Also teaches about the different effects for example when varying the amount or thickness of paint, the degree of mixing, colour mixing on the artwork rather than on the palette, changes with change of viscosity of paint as it dries and a sensitivity to the physical pressure when applying the paint. Try it!!!! Can you resist the temptation to overmix and overblend…. and do you have an over-riding need to draw a subject?

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Palette knife flowers

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What a wonderful day I had today. Friends from Meander Valley Arts came to my home studio for a workshop on painting flowers using painting knives. The results were exciting and full of energy.