Sumi E

Grinding a solid ink stick on a stone is a relaxing way to start the meditative process connected with Sumi E. I encourage watercolourists to explore this style of work to increase their sensitivity to brush work, appreciate the fluidity of the medium, and consider Zen principles. The process is paramount. The other works here are combiing ink with watercolour. Ink can be used to sketch quickly before adding a hint of colour… useful when travelling. The sketch can be with brush and/or pen, and can be put in before or after the wask (or both). Ink can also add strength to a watercolour which lacks impact.  A pigment ink pen and a small set of watercolours such as the Koh-i-noor discs are great travelling companions

One comment on “Ink

  1. HTML Forms says:

    last few days our class held a similar talk about this subject and you show something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

    – Laura

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