Eskleigh entry 2011Seascapes of the West Coast of Tasmania.

I love all media, subjects, styles….. but if forced to limit myself I think my love of the coast would win out.

6 comments on “Seascapes

  1. I loved your technique in depicting motion.

  2. Yes that must be VERY difficult. People tend to be judgemental…. I hate that. And they love offering advice on how well they would cope with your body/life when they cannot experience it. We all do the best we can and there are so many influences… hormonal, diet, brain “wiring”, external factors… Humans are indeed intriguing “tangled webs” and that fascinates me. Good luck with you “life web”… title for a new blog perhaps!!!???…. I will continue to look at your blog with interest

  3. Btw Alex… I was not trained in art… I did academic subjects…. Teaching degree in Maths and Science, then English Lit, then retrained Special Ed post grad…. only dabbled in art. Health issues made me think about what I would be disappointed about not having done in my life and it was art. So I started… about 20 yrs ago. Least qualified in art but was asked back to teach…. art!!!! I do little for Ed Dept now (Disability pension… so the government agrees my body is crap!) but so pleased I let art into my life. I hado intention of it becoming my “whole” life but I do get a bit obsessive about something I focus on so it has engulfed me. Not sorry!!!

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