Watercolour: garden birds









watercolour on Burnie Makers paper

wren watercolour 2012

Everest base camp acrylic 2013

Goat Is Winter

Goat Island Echo

Goat Is eveningWatercolour: garden birds 

Over the years I have painted many commissions . While sometimes it is frustrating trying to achieve what the prospective buyer wants, it does provide a challenge and keeps things interesting. It also ensures I continue developing and refining my skills. Usually working on a commission involves research which is also interesting.

The first image is of a scarlet robin in watercolour for Eunice Horne who has a collection of paintings of Tasmanian birds by Tasmanian artists. The group of 3 works are part of a mural painted on canvas to be hung at Christmas in the chapel at Strathdevon Care Facility in Latrobe. (the folds in the canvas drop on hanging). The watercolour is on of a group painted from the personal photos of the commissioners taken at Brady’s Lake in Tasmania.

The slideshow shows various commissions (I have done many more but need to locate the photo records and many I have lost in computer breakdowns etc They range from a unicorn and fairy on a rollerdoor, large wall murals at Burnie hospital and murals at Strathdevon, birds on emu eggs, watercolours from holiday photos, of favourite locations including with pets in situ, pastel portraits, fly fishing, yachts, houses, watercolour dog portraits, acrylics on canvas and even a metal cutout of  a horse and jockey to be painted incorporating the jockey’s silks colours. I have repaired photos and paintings in treasured collections and aam current repairing a ceramic piece.

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    Hi Evelyn – what is your email address? Regards, Amanda

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