For new workshops, please let me know what you want… when and where…. my studio is preferred due to access to gear. You set the date you want to come and a general or specific request as to the activity and we will take it from there. $25 half day, $50 full day…. equipment such as brushes available for use free of charge. Consumables (e.g. paper, canvas, paints) on a user pays basis. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to have a go. Great to incorporate into a holiday to Tasmania and for those wanting to try a new art/ craft such as encaustic, silk painting or kiln formed glass. Also good for beginners who do not want to outlay on gear until they know they want to continue with a creative pursuit. Advanced painting sessions also available.

Scan workshop

Regular Classes for ADULTS

 $15 per session.

Retail materials available at studio.

. Consumables on a user pays basis, brushes etc, no cost for use.

Credit card facilities available

Tues afternoon 1.30 p.m. to 3.30
Most often watercolour is chosen
Tues Evening… 7.30p.m. painting media, often watercolour.                                       Friday afternoon 1.30pm to 3.30 pm…. usually watercolour …. negotiable with group members

My classes do not have a start/stop date. I discuss where you are at when you start and organise an activity to suit all participants. It is often a “follow me” demo, but you may choose to do your own thing with assistance available. Each week we discuss who will be available the following week and decide what would suit as a focus. (if a newcomer appears the activity may be modified). You stop when it suits you (for some people that is one session, for others it is more than 10 years)
FORTH ART STUDIO. 51 George St, Forth.
Tutor: Evelyn Antonysen (Artist. Registered Teacher. B.Ed, Grad Dip Sp Ed, Dip art craft and design)
ph 64282675 0r 0419282673

Following is feedback from a Sumi E workshop I ran.

Thanks so much for an enjoyable and informative experience.
I got a heap out of the day. I specially enjoyed the sense of freedom
that you imparted in relation to using this time honoured way of making
I know that I will need to practice heaps, but I feel you gave us not
only the basic skills and experience with the materials, but also this
wonderful liberation to let our work flow within the confines of the
I am inspired to do more Sumi e and to find my own style within it.
Thanks again,
Georgina (& Steve)

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS ALWAYS WELCOME. It is so exciting to see people start on their art journey.

CHILDREN and YOUNG ADULTS (5y.o to 18 y.o) THURSDAY 4.15 to 5.30 

All materials provided. Wide range of experiences …..different media and styles explored.  $15 per session includes materials. Phone for more details or to book.

CONTACT: 0364282675 or email or mobile 0419282673

Other times negotiable. Discounted professional and student quality art materials also available for purchase and special economical framing service for your special works.

WORKSHOPS or private/group tuition.

Phone  or email to organise suitable time/ topic. Previous sessions I have taken  include Adult Education, Artist in residence at various schools, Community Houses of  Tas state conference and various local community houses, Ulverstome Council, Burnie and Devonport Regional Art Galleries, Meander Valley Arts, Birchalls, North West Art Circle, Tas Regional Arts Kentish, International Womens Group, Aust Soc for Miniature Art Tas Inc.   plus private sessions with visitors from the UK, USA, intra and interstate.

MAKE AN ART EXPERIENCE PART OF YOUR HOLIDAY without carting or buying gear. Many people want to try art but work and family commitments get in the way. Holiday time is a great time to have a go….. who knows what creative talents may be revealed. At the very least you will have fun and satisfy your curiosity. My extensive experience means I can direct you to media which are most likely to suit. And you only need to pay for materials used in the session


I am a  qualified and registered teacher with over 30 years teaching experience. (B. Ed, Grad Dip Special Ed, Dip Art Craft And Design) I am also listed with London’s Hilliard Society as a tutor of art in miniature.

Studio: 51 George St, Forth, Tasmania.I will travel further afield for workshops. (tuition rate: $60 per hour (negotiable) so if you have 12 people in the group a 2 hour workshop  costs each person $10). A contibrution towards my travel cost may be requested.


5 comments on “TUITION

  1. denise clark says:

    hello my name Is Denise Clark and I have recently moved to Burnie and am looking for an art teacher.
    I was Living in Launceston and had attended classes with Rosemary Hill.
    I have also been on two overseas workshops with Greg Allen.
    I would love to attend your Tuesday afternoon class if you have a vacancy or your Saturday workshop in your studio.
    Anxiously awaiting your reply.

    • Hello Denise. It would be lovely to have you join an art class. You have certainly had some wonderful tutors in watercoour. I also tend to concentrate on watercolour (it is what most attendees seem to want, but I do encourage a more diverse exploration of media and of styles. Watercolour can be used in so many different ways. I will not be having a class this Tuesday due to medical appointments in Launceston. But the following week (11/10) is fine. I am at Penguin Market (near the plant nursery) on Sundays if you want to hve a chat, or phone me… the only Antonysen in our phone book. I will be demonstrating working with Polymer clay next Sunday then Inktense pencils the following week. I am running some half and full day workshops in November on silk painting, encaustic art, flowers and gardens and watercolour

    • Next workshop, Ink and Watercolour on May 12th. See my blog for details or phone 64282675. Tuesday class restarts after Easter Week with simple figures in the landscape (appropriate for any medium) NOTE:If someone comes and has a special reuest this topic may change… my aim is to please the students and direct the session to their needs.

  2. Virene Cardenas says:

    do u do workshops in the US? I live in the northeast.

    • I live in Tasmania, Australia. A few days ago I was talking to an American lady who was visiting Tasmania on a cruise. It was at a venue where I had a display and was demonstrating painting watercolour style on silk. She was interested in having me teach my style of silk painting in the US…. east coast. I am interested and will let you know if it pans out.

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