October Workshops

BURNIE SHINES workshops. Drawing and Painting….. Beach Combers Collections. Including using Inktense Pencils. Draw and paint shells, rock, seaweed with tutor Evelyn Antonysen. Sunday October 7th. Book at the Makers Workshop. Also on Saturday September 13th Free flow wet-in-wet watercolour (beach) and Sunday 14th a little bit of Zen doing Sumi E (Chinese brush painting). Learn how to handle a brush with sensitivity to make a wide variety of marks. Grind your own Sumi Ink.


Saturday 29th September 1pm to 4pm

at Forth Art Studio, 51 George St, Forth

Cost $45 includes materials.

Floating paints or dyes on a fluid and dragging a feather or comb through creates wonderful patterns. This is the basis of marbling. At a recent bookmaking workshop some participants used paper I had marbled  on the inside covers …. that was the birthplace of this workshop as some want to learn this ancient craft. What paints/dyes to use, what to use as a base so the paint does not sink…. you will learn these things at this workshop and go away  with some marbled paper,  envelopes, writing set, maybe a blown marbled egg, a pencil, box, handkerchief…….

Silk Brooch Workshop at Burnie Makers

I had a wonderful time at Burnie Makers Workshops showing people the magic of painting on silk and patterning with salt. We made our small paintings into brooches…. I do love this workshop [which I have now run a number of times] as it suits all ages and can be taken in a small space.  It shows beautiful art can be made without needing skills in drawing. And everyone gets a wearable art item for themselves or as a special gift. I provide all the gear so all get to use beautiful soft artist quality squirrel hair brushes.

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To book a workshop for adults and/or children for your group/ school/ event please contact me.

Figures in the landscape workshop

SLIDESHOW…a mixture of MY work and STUDENT work

What a satisfied tired feeling after a great workshop (and guys tidying up did not take long but did anyone hide or accidentally pick up one of my favorite little blue handled teardrop brushes…2 “ran away” but I have located one).

We started with a little reminder on proportion …. watch  for big heads…… then on to Bob’s Blobs… a most fantastic loosener to remind us that there are a lot of important things that help with this type of figure painting but detail is not one of them. Great exercise to get the brush moving . Thank you so much Robert Wade for coming to NW Tas to teach us your magic many years ago.

On to a little more refined figures, but still loose… a bit of a look at other watercolourists work (Ron Ranson, Malcolm Beattie, Hazel Soan). Reference photos and silhouette references to help. A variety of brushes to try (we all find our own preferred) but all did well using the full body of the brushes with a little more refined drawing with the tip only when required.

After lunch a little mention of posture, balance and the lovely counterchange which adds so much light especially when adding the figure before the background. Finally a quick little landscape (graduated sky, water and a little sand) and adding a figure last, working on soft Fabriano paper so if desired some colour could be easily lifted from where the person was to go. I also gave each participant a  perspex sheet and demonstrated how to use this to aid with shape, positioning and size before committing.

A lot covered… some wonderful little pictures and lots of little stories told within them… find the windswept girl bracing her body against the blast, the “number one’ sweetie in a typical little girl stance cute, the fishermen companions, the lady leaning a little straining towards whatever she’ watching coming, the contemplative young fellow who is a little sad perhaps ….   great little stories with simple, uncluttered paintings.

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A half day silk painting session today but we covered so much. absolutely fantastic results…. so varied. And I could hear all participants sharing what was happening…. “this brush holds more water”, “that was too wet”, “I got that sharp edge because I painted it on after the other was dry”, “paint over that part to make the colour  stronger”…….

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And everyone chose one of their works to put in a brooch….. a stylised decorative fish with gutta outline, a wonderful watermark creating an agate type design, a subtly sensitive watercolour landscape, an outback scene with whimsical tree, a semi landscape in harmonious limited palette using salt technique and a multi-coloured decorative flower design. The materials are the same but the results so varied. Silk painting is wonderfully creative.

Towards the end of the year (after Deloraine Craft Fair) I will run a more advanced workshop with a few other techniques and working on bigger pieces and larger finished items such as a bag, scarves, cushion, tie, shawl……. Expressions of interest and a suggested date welcome (ph 64282675 or 0419282673). Maybe 2 days (full weekend?) $100 for 2 days plus materials on a user pays basis or byo materials. Maximum class size will be 4 due to space limitations at my studio and that required for larger works…. or I can hire Forth Town Hall to cater for a larger group.

Figures in the landscape…. August workshop


August 18th 10.30 a.m to 3.30 p.m.

Help your landscape paintings tell a story  by including figures. This is not about portrait painting, but painting  believable, simplified figures involved in everyday activities.  Using acrylics and/or watercolours, the principles are the same for all  media.

BYO lunch. Tea/coffee provided.

$45 includes all materials/equipment.

ph Evelyn on  64282675 or mobile    0419282673


The ultimate watercolour experience or outline and fill. There are many ways to paint on silk and this workshop will introduce you to most of them. Basic materials supplied but beware it is addictive so you may want to purchase more materials to continue or to do bigger works. So many applications… framed works to soft furnishings such as cushions, wearable art and accessories. Luscious colours and exciting techniques.                                SUNDAY JULY 29th 1 pm to 4 pm                                                                                 Forth Art Studio, 51 George St, Forth                                                      $45 includes all materials and equipment (including making a unique handainted silk brooch).

Children’s Art… Paint on ceramics

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Yesterday I took 2 half day workshops for children at my Forth studio. Participants were each given a purchased ceramic plate (various sizes) on which to paint a design of their choice. Getting started is tough so I talked a little about stimulus materials and had various  resources available. They drew some idea roughs on paper then I talked about and demonstrated how to use the oven cured  paints. These are tricky to work with as they slip and easily lift off the surface, so overworking or “scrubbing” is not good. We used soft brushes and gently applied the colour. Some used a Porcelain 160 pen to outline. Working within a circle rather than a rectangular format is quite different. They took their treasures home with instructions to fire in their home ovens.

(Sorry about the sideways pics… I have rotated them but when they upload many seem to want to revert)

Paint on Cermaics JUNE school holiday art

Due to requests I decide to run a creative workshop for children in the school holidays. This is also suitable for adults as you will create your own design to paint on a plate or mug (which will be supplied but you may bring your own to make sure you have the size/shape you want). Wonderful for parent/child or grandparent/child shared fun.  Oven cured ceramic paints will be supplied. You will have a great personal artwork. The morning session has only one vacancy. (Image included is of a piece painted by Helena in 1997….. age 9). For info click on the following title.

Paint on Ceramics