2 comments on “Pastel on Mondays (July 2018)

  1. Kay Graves says:

    I recently purchased several of your scarf and brooch sets – 2 I gave away . When I came to use my own I found the pin on the brooch is not sharp enough to penetrate even one layer of fabric without considerable effort – thus risking pulling the threads. There is no way i can push it through several layers as suggested by your photos. What a shame that such a small thing has spoilt just a lovely item.

    • I do test most but some escape and have complained to the manufacturer of the brooches about that issue which is apparent in some. I have found a fine grade sand paper will restore the point (fold the paper and slide the pin back and forth in the fold. It may need to be done a number of times). After sanding slide the pin across a bar of old dry soap to make it a bit more slippery. Let me know if you still find it is not useable and we will work something else out (organise a replacement). Thank you for reminding me to be more diligent about checking all and thank you for getting in touch and of course for you support of my art.

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