Paint loosely in watercolour…. TASMANIA 2018

Working loosely is difficult for many of us,. We are so used to drawing and rendering carefully…. getting it right. But if you aspire to work in a more spirited way that suggests it is effortless and captures the essence, then I have some tips I will share. As an ex Science teacher majoring in environmental ScienceI, now visual artist who loves fluid media,  really understand the dilemma.

Charles Reid floral style workshop

6 comments on “Paint loosely in watercolour…. TASMANIA 2018

  1. Patsy says:

    Evelyn Am looking foward to looking at your notes tomorrow before I go to my monthly art for Cancer Monday. Trouble is there’s only small bits of paper to use, suppose that doesn’t matter, because there are watercolours and brushes. I’d love to get back to them again as I did after my stroke. This is the first time I’ve ever watched a soccer match on my own right through.I rather enjoyed it. Frits is in Holland. Much love, Patsy.❤

    • Hi Patsy. I often paint on little bits of paper… easier to watch what the paint does and how different ones react to each other, assess the water content and practise techniques. Good for gift cards, cards, and bookmarks (reccommend laminating) too. Enjoy. (I don’t tend to watch much sport… used to play a lot, but….. (you understand the “but”). Very one eyed re art now. (That was not meant to be pun but I giggled as I wrote it as just lost vision ion my right eye a couple of days ago. It will return though as it did last time. Last time 7 months. This time already improving greatly and only 2 days!)Feelimng lucky.

  2. Patsy Harmsen says:

    I really only watched it because I knew that Frits and relatives would be. Our son Nicholas used to play it at school, but he couldn’t watch it because he was playing bass clarinet with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. I even brought a small pad for water colours with me.🤗

  3. Patsy Harmsen says:

    So sorry to hear about your eye. Good pun. My hearing spoils movies out, but not important for painting, is it?Love to you.

  4. Painting is fine in your own quiet world but tough re music

  5. Watching sport when you know some of the players is a completely different kettle of fish. Great. Have fun with the watercolour pad. Send me some pics of what you do.

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