Encaustic painting of the coast…. passions meld

A bird's eye view

My most frequented subject for my art over many years has been the coast.

I love living on the coast. I can sit and watch the waves roll in for hours. I have painted many other subjects…. recently geological inspired works, but even that was often rocks along our coastline.

My most recent painting medium is encaustic. I love the fluidity of molten wax, I love the fluidity of the ocean. Combined…. encaustic painting with the coast as the inspiration is, for me, a “match made in heaven”.

This work has now SOLD

2 comments on “Encaustic painting of the coast…. passions meld

  1. Jenny Beutel says:

    Hi Evelyn its Jenny from Qld love this painting the vivid colours and the comments of also passing on your obvious soul sister to enhance and inspire other artists alone our journey.
    I would love to take up the offer of staying at your new digs ionce you sell yours and relocate and are comfortable.
    Please stay in touch
    Jenn B Qld

    • Hi Jenny. It is an interesting time. We have a buyer for our place (I am not surprised… at around my minimum not what the estate agents said it was worth). The new people wrote a lovely letter) I will show you when you visit so I am OK about saying farewell to our home (sort of). Anyway busy packing. Yes it would be lovely to have you stay for a bit when we are at Ulvie. Our contract expires Oct 22…. not sure af other dates but trying to be prepared. We have so much stuff to move even though we have given heaps away

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