New from the Easel…. watercolour, Encaustic and Acrylic

1945 SOLD

“1945” Encaustic incorporating photos (photo transfer) dad took in Hiroshima immediately after the dropping of the bomb in 1945. Also incorporated  is a photo transfer of a copy of the peace treaty he was given as a witness to its signing. I do not do many historical works but this is special. For many years I had been wanting to do an artwork based on dad’s experience but could never find the right medium….. until I discovered encaustic art. Perfect to suggest the devastation and the age and I could use copies of his actual photos. On display at Burnie Regional Gallery, Tasmania as part of Burnie Coastal Art Groups. TasArt exhibition.


After the Fires, 2016″. Encaustic. I finally finished this work, started some months ago. Tasmania experienced unprecedented fires in 2016 and returning to some of the charred wilderness areas I find they are both sad and hauntingly beautiful. That is what I aimed to relate in this wax work. Setting fire to shellac on the surface, gives another link of the artwork’s creation and the fires we experienced. On Display at the Tasmanian Art Awards at Eskleigh, Perth Tasmania, first weekend November 2016.


“Quiet Times, Nelson Bay, Tarkine Coast”.  Watercolour. It had been a wet day but on dusk the rain cleared and soft colours were so soothing. A quick photo shoot to record the changing light and later in the studio this watercolour took me back to the moment. 

struggle-for-survival SOLD

“Struggle for Survival, Sarah Anne Rocks, Tarkine Coast”. Acrylic with texture paste on gallery stretch canvas. I did this work earlier this year but felt the bleached log was too stark so recently re-worked that. Happier now as the red lichen takes on a more important role. The branch and bleached twigs are skeletons decaying, but rotting down they provide nutrients for the native geranium in its own pocket. Lichen is an amazing organism which is incredibly well adapted to harsh conditions such as here on Tasmania’s West Coast. On display at TASART Burnie 2016

wedge-tail-eaglein-the-treetop SOLD

“Tree top Eagle”, watercolour. The eye was improved after taking this photo. A small work makes it tricky to do the eye detail Sold

wip-eagle SOLD

WIP. Wedge Tail Eagle. Watercolour.  Contrasting with the “wildness” of encaustic I have also enjoyed doing some careful illustration of birds over the past couple of weeks.” Ihis will be on display at my stall at the Tasmanian Craft Fair, Deloraine,  Nov 3 to 7th, 2016

5 comments on “New from the Easel…. watercolour, Encaustic and Acrylic

  1. kestrelart says:

    Holy moly!
    Your dad witnessed that?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • As a child I just though he was moody and grumpy. Now we all hear of PTSD, and being older and wiser, I understand more of the torment that must have churned within. (the layout is not as viewed. I have arranged photos for the artwork).

      • kestrelart says:

        I guess he must have been very young. A couple of weeks ago I met a veteran who witnessed the 1943 eruption of Vesuvius as an Allied soldier. The military viewed this as just another of the vagaries of war and carried on as usual. They lost many planes to the ash until they realised you can’t fight geology. Now not many witnesses left to that conflict. Might I ask, how come your dad got to witness the signing?

  2. Dad did not talk easily of the whole thing. I do know he was a signalman for the Australian army…. morse code etc. I do not know where exactly he was stationed or if he was on a ship. He was one of 200 allied force personal who witnessed the signing on the Missouri…. They wanted some allied force people as witnesses and all got a copy of the treaty i believe. I do wish dad was alive now … so many questions…. but he would probably still not want to talk. it was his opinion that the bomb should never have been dropped…. for a number of reasons not the least was that he felt the Japanese were going to surrender anyway. We will never know. But we do know of the extended harm that war causes. I wonder why he had a camera, and when exactly did he walk over that ground… a day after the bombing, a month?…. but witnessing the signing in August suggests sooner rather than later. I also wonder if the high incidence of previously unseen auto immune conditions in his children (3 out of 5) may be related to radiation exposure. All interesting to ponder.

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