Macro garden shots from Sony A7ii

Today, with a little welcome sunshine, I took my mirror-less, full frame camera into the garden to try out the macro lens (FE2.8/90). The poor flowers were a little worse for wear from the recent rain, icy weather and winds and some parts of our garden/jungle are so overgrown I did not venture to capture all my gorgeous camellias.

I did not use a tripod…. not really a good idea with macro shots, but being impatient, I wanted first to see what sort of photos lazy play would give. With the use of a tripod and more manual adjustments the results should only get better.

Even with this quick episode I am pretty happy….. those potato vine flowers are 3 cm across the widest part of the biggest one and the tiny forget me nots  are 9mm (less than 1 cm) or less across the widest part of the bigger one!!!! (in summer I find they grow larger)

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2 comments on “Macro garden shots from Sony A7ii

  1. Jodie says:

    Hi Evelyn, just found your blog, love your paintings! Just wondering if you know what species this tea tree is? Is it a nursery hybrid? I love the colour…

    • Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. I am so pleased you like my art. You are correct in that this tea tree is a nursery hybrid. I had the tag for many years but sorry can’t find it and do not know its name. I bought it about 30 years ago!. Looking a bit straggly but still alive. Tea trees are not usually that long lived.

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