Colouring book…designed by young people in art class

With adult colouring books all the rage, I thought I would look at designing my own pages, then I thought why not make it an art class activity. We looked at various examples, discussed what we liked and what we didn’t, then set to work… each on their own preferred subject in their own style. All felt the task of designing the pages was harder than colouring the final product.

The works below were created by 9 to 15 year olds (plus mine). I printed  a copy of each page for each participant then stapled a set each with a  blank cover (for them to enhance)  to give them a holiday colouring book. A really interesting activity . Feel free to print your own copy if you wish.

CP book 1

CP book 3


CP book 4


CP book 5


CP book 6


CP book


CP book 7

CP book 2

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