A brave approach to acrylic painting…. on Colourfix paper

working on colourfixIn a couple of days I am going to a workshop with Kerry McInnes…. the  first workshop I have attended as a participant rather than as a tutor for many years. I am always encouraging my students to approach art production in a brave, bold manner if the work is more about emotion and mood than about careful representation. This is exactly what this workshop is to encourage. I am not naturally a brave, bold painter…… originally more of an illustrator with my Science background, so I certainly understand the hesitations  others feel, as they are still lingering for me.

We will work on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper to give us a tinted background as a base.  I have had the paper sitting here ready ….. including a quarter sheet “scrap”. Kerry wants us to work on full sheets which I understand…. full arm movement and broad marks with big brushes.

Last week, when I couldn’t sleep one night, I decided to attack the small sheet. I squirted paint directly from the tubes onto the surface then used fingers and palette knives to direct it into position….. for another Sarah Ann Rocks , Tarkine Coast, work (that is the place to which I currently feel most connected). I think this painting is very powerful for such a small work. I am sure this workshop will be exciting.

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