An open letter to a Kind Blogger

On the blogging 101 course I discovered some wonderful blogs … and there are still many more to visit. Pho Trablogger is one of the discoveries. I do not travel nor couch surf but I do love people and tend to see the best in them so I really enjoyed reading thois.


 Date : 30.10.2014

Place : Chennai, India

Dear Kind blogger,

Thank you for all the kindness you showered upon me. It my pleasure to meet you in real and to be able to enjoy the generous hospitality you have offered me without a second thought. I must admit that I am really overwhelmed by the blind trust you showed to this perfect stranger – whom you have only known from the words and pictures on this blog – by trusting with the house keys.

I am not sure if I will ever leave a big house, with all facilities and a wide varieties of small to medium to big antiques and other expensive stuffs, with a  perfect stranger. Now I can think of all sorts of ways of making some easy bucks when I was all alone at your home, very near to the Chennai market where one can sell almost anything imaginable. But you chose to trust me, and…

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3 comments on “An open letter to a Kind Blogger

  1. merril thompson says:

    evelyn, theyre so beautiful! i didnt realise we could put our artwork on Li. also liked your blogger letter – that trust is so beautiful, but i guess he judged you from your art and knew you are ok.

  2. I would not have realized that art could go on LI except for the share buttons on my blog…. for fb, google plus, Li, twitter (and I think a couple of others with which I am not familiar). Interesting thing, this cyberworld. I have discovered some amazing people and other ‘stuff” through blogging.

  3. trablog says:

    Thanks a lot Evelyn, for reading this and sharing it 🙂 You are kind too 🙂

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